Cowhands, Child Games, and Opening Procedure (continued) | B.D.R. Cites Major Scientology Threat

("Cowhands, Child Games, and Opening Procedure", continued from page 3)

having him move every stick of furniture in the Inn to a different room each day, and rearrange it in a different manner. Every room was changed daily -- in every detail -- for two months, in what amounts to exact SOP 8-C Opening Procedure: "See that chair?...Go pick it up and put it in the other roam by the south wall...Now, see that table?...Move it to where we had the kitchen stove yesterday and put it down".

At the end of the winter, the "incurable" victim of Saint Vitus dance was pronounced cured after a final test at a sporting house in Ashton, which is played up by Writer Paul quite a bit more than the elements which really got the job done.

THIS ALL TOOK PLACE IN 1910 -- the first documented "cure" of a chronic psychosomatic illness by SOP 8-C, Opening Procedure.

Olden, sailing ship sailors were legendarily high toned and rugged individuals, where present time contact with the MEST Universe was not only an absolute necessity, but was maintained by a type of SOP 8-C Opening Procedure.

Who hasn't thrilled to the adventure novel of the sea where the First Mate roars orders to the crew -- orders which amount to "See that? ... Touch let go and keelhaul the bilges! ... Now this ... Now that (maybe in saltier language, however)" -- but it all added up to a crew in present time or in serious trouble.

Contrariwise, again, these occupations that most stifle this type of workmanship are notable for the chronic psychosomatic illnesses characteristic of the professions. Take, for instance, the harried, ulcerous looks of people in advertising and T-V -- and what passes for modern day news reporting.

The frontiersman was a notable early day user of SOP 8-C at the unconscious level. His whole day was lived by the c phase and always when meeting others at the trading posts and fur rendezvous of the west, the other phases were emphasized heavily -- both giving directions and following them to the letter -- for survival in the open country.

Yes, we've got lots of precedent, but this in no way mitigates the credit Ron Hubbard can claim with pride and satisfaction for having collated, organized, tested, evaluated, and produced the simplest and best form yet for universal use of this basic technique for the betterment of men and women who are willing and able to use it.

B.D.R. Cites Major Scientology Threat

A promise of continued support for Scientology, but a warning to L.Ron Hubbard that "it is his own organization which represents a far greater menace to the development of Dianetics and Scientology", was the theme of the February issue of the Bristol Dianetic Review, which, its editor, A.J.S. McMillan, says, was a bit late due to the press of his regular duties.

McMillan suggests his readers not judge Scientology by the actions of the organization, and urges those who have complaints to write them direct to Mr. Hubbard and not waste time grousing among themselves.

Also in this issue was a complete review of Mr. Hubbard's new book, "Dianetics 1955", commending it for "its positive approach and the air of optimism which pervades the whole". However, BDR believes that the price of two guineas is a bit too steep for a paperbound book that has only a third as much material in it as "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health", of which this second book purports to be a sequel.

BDR, which is published monthly, is one of the oldest, most dependable magazines in the field. Subscription price is 13 shillings for 12 issues, or it can be obtained through the ABERREE for $2 a year.

"Wait until I get the cot out of the closet. I haven't used it since I heard of 'Dirty Thirty' in Phoenix last June."