Dear Editor (continued)

to me who wants to stir things up in the field of semantics and associated scientific beliefs, or someone may wish to work entirely in the field of religion -- whether orthodox or heterodox -- or someone may wish to work within the field of academic psychology, or popular psychology, or para-psychology. The field, itself, noes not matter...It also will work in the field of pou itics and has been used by certain extraordinary individuals in that field at one time or another. It is a valuable secret -- one can earn millions with it...I frankly believe that the secret is not intetive, that it is op seTto in, e native activity, that it is dis ca nt inte rative, and I wouldn't be dead using it myself...

I believe that there are a good many people, of good intelligence and good character, who have come under the influence of those who know the secret...and I believe that out of every 100 who might learn the secret, 95 of them will be set free from the power the secret has over them and will perhaps go on to the work that I consider co be of real importance -- integrative work... "This is not meant to be in any sense an attack on the character or motives of L.Ron Hubbard. My attitude is: May he live and prosper! This is an effort to communicate with those people of good character ana good intelligence who want to know what is Hubbard' s secret. Mr. Hubbard didn't invent this secret. and it's not copyrighted..." -- ,A. L. Kitselman, Reno, Nev.

"Our first snap a copy of The Aberree tickled us. I have requested that Phoenix other literature mills desist from delug~izrg me with further urgent messagest)) "If The Aberree is going to be funny some more and isn't going to minimize humankind's good sense it may be st what the doctor not HDA~.oraered. 'Being, myself. an old-fogy who has, since 1953, learned how to succeed in hundreds of small s -- all in spite of my having fumbled along using now-obsolete methods for curing my several neuroses -- I approve the objectives of The Aberree. "Back in the dear dead days of Recall (1950-52)w swapped ARC for free, and were candidly fascinated ourselves and each other. We t t that