Blooms & Barbs

PHOENIX,Ariz., 8 March -- "Affinity" will be the theme 'of the next International. Conference- of Scientologists and Dianeticists, according to a.usually reliable source who shall be for the moment unnamed.

The Conference of June, 1954, was concerned with Universes and the Reality corner of the ARC Triangle ("touch that wall, feel that object and get its color, temperature, texture", etc.); the December Conference was devoted to Communication (O. K., Mana", etc.), the theory of and relevant processes. Consequently, logic as well as rumor, suggests that the next Conference will reTolve around the Affinity porner of the triangle. After clearing the third corner, will the subsequent Conference address itself to the resolution of the vicious circle? We have heard of, but not actually seen, the un processed, extroverted salesman hired by HASI recently to sell. Scientology to the populace of Phoenix; a farther report on this courageous young man seems indicated and we will put our private eye on the job.

A fact and not a rumor is the recent marriage of The ABERREE - April, 1955 Barbara Bryan and JohnG.lusha, which took place February 16 in the Phoenix City Hall. The best manwas Bob Churchill and the matron of honor was your reporter. The Galushas are now in Pueblo, Colo.

The flu "virus" evidently cant differentiate between an ordinary homo sap and a theta clear; one or more of them closed terminals with the mock-up being run by LRH and proceeded to duplicate itself or themselves. All this duplication, or something, caused Ron to call for a medico, complete with syringe. We are happy to report that the body recovered. What happened to the medico is .not known.

The many acquaintances of Don Bartholomew scattered throughout the United States and various parts of the galaxy will be interested, and perhaps astounded, to hear that Don is currently enrolled in Hubbard Professional College in Phoenix.

Scientology made the new Phoenix Telephone Directory under the heading of Manetics; leading with -a halfcolumn ad in the classified section is L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D.' The bestower of this new degree remains unknown to your reporter. Eight other auditors are listed in the same ad, as well as the inimitable James F. Pinkham as Secretary of H. D.R.F. Freddie D. Sutton of Scientology Consultants is the. only auditor whose name appears under" the listing proper.

Jim and Verda Kile exteriorized from New - Mecca (formerly Phoenix) the 'other day, destination Santa Monica, Calif., where they 'hope to mock up a nursery school and offer a new type of "family package" processing-Abloom to the Kiles' new project.

There is a noticeable 'scarcity, both in-Phoenix and elsewhere, of reported auditors willing to submit to the latest NASI police measure -- the contract and attached $5,000 demand note. LIe admire.HASI's persistent optimism, although we can't floe the same particle at the viewpoint responsible for this nonsense.,. -g0EAS. ai' ADVISORY BOARD FORGED:AT CONFERENCE An East Coast Advisory Board, which will act as liaison between auditors in the eastern areas and' the Phoenix headquarters,, has been formed as an outgrowth of the New York Duplicate Congress. An attendance of 67 from 11 states was reported at the Congress.

Members of the Advisory Board are: Len Hamilton and Lyle Sudrow, publicity; Al Kaiak and Dr. William Young in charge of schools; ' and Richard Halpern and Sylvan Freddie D. Sutton V. Carroll Crank Robert M. Churchill Information on request. CRestwood 4-8041 Stein, auditing. 4025 N. -24th Street Phoenix, Arizona Professional Processing of Individuals, Groups, Business and Industrial Personnel.

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