Volume 10, Issue 3, page 15

two cents' worth when I read
such uninformed and downright
ignorance about a subject that
I am well-informed and experienced in, as in self-hypnosis
as put forth by some 'Doctor'
George T. Crawford in the May
issue of The ABERREE.
"I was at one time, several
years ago, practicing selfhypnosis and I wish to state
right here that it certainly
does work. However, it is not
as strong as direct hypnotism,
and the person does not forget
what goes on as one usually
does under real hypnotism. It
is a state of light trance all
right, and one is almost
' passed out', but holds on to his
awareness just enough to be
aware to some extent of what
goes on around him, altho he
doesn't do so unless there is
a reason such as danger, and/or
knowing that he wishes to be
awake as soon as he has made
the implants in his own mind.
It is very closely related to
hypnotism, and is a state of
hypnosis just as all the commercial brainwashing on T-V is
a form of hypnotic suggestion .
Dr. Bernheim in his book, 'Suggestive Therapeutics', states
that there are nine states of
hypnotism in which all of them
are subject to suggestion.
They are Refractory, Light
Somnolence, Heaviness, Light
Sleep, Deep Sleep, Very Deep
Sleep , L i g ht Somnambulism,
Deep Somnambulism. Others
have stated that there are 20
stages of hypnosis; but today ,
these are usually condensed to
about four stages. Self-hypnosis is, of course, of the
lighter stages. If Dr. Crawford prefers to call this selfhypnosis by some other name,
that is his privilege; but
please let's not let him confuse the issue by making the
statement that no such thing
exists. It has been said that
hypnotism can be defined as a
state of mind when a person
will accept almost any suggestion, or is very easily influenced by suggestion, and also
that T-V commercials are almost pure hypnotism. This is
true, and all advertising is
designed to influence or hypnotize as much as possible,
and those people.who are easily
influenced or accept suggestions easily are already almost in a state of hypnosis.
Self-hypnosis is a light trance
thru which one accepts his own
suggestions -- and it does work.
"I have been in hypnotic
research now for a number of
years and profess to be a fair
hypnotist, and can hypnotize
four out of five people in less
than 30 seconds without them
even knowing what is going on.
I have progressed pretty well
in psychic research thru hypnotism on such subjects as astral
travel , c 1 airvoyance, Theta
vision, mind reading, and others. Of course, if the Scientologists had not already
thrown me out of their association, they certainly would
for practicing hypnotism. But
hypnotism in Texas as well as
all other states, so far as I
know, is legal, if one doesn't
use it for criminal purposes."
-- Clem W. Johnson, 84`60 Weir
Dr., Houston, Texas.
"I would like to thank each
and every one who has written
such fine letters to me about
the ' Etcacolor tubes' . One tine
psychic student writes me he
was able to see forms other
than just the etcacolor auras;
he and others have told me even
by phone that they saw spiritual spectres, old people,
men and women, and one wrote
he had seen a young boy. _I do
not, nor will I ever, advertise the tube to be anything
more than a training aid, a
new means unknown to many, of
seeing the etcacolor auras, by
means of diffraction gratings.
"Some have written the editor of The ABERREE and are
displeased. Should any purchaser expect more than he received, I will be most happy
to refund their purchase price
plus the postage, as the reactions have been exciting and
"Those who know of diffraction gratings and went ahead
and bought a tube I know will
not be disappointed. Those who
know of diffraction gratings
and feel this is not as advertised need not purchase one,
and if they will send me their
name and address, I will be
most happy to tell how to make
one of their own. I would not
stoop to the level of some
publications as offering devices to see the human aura,
as I feel this is a misrepresentation."- - Roy Davis, 23 W.
Walnut, Green Cove ST rings, Fla.