Dear Editor

Dear Editor

"I took the second clinical course, and then stayed- on after the Congress to take the present mae.

"A W]I 31 -- Goodness and Badness, Beauty and Ugliness., are alike considerations and have no other basis than opinion.

"So, for whatever they are worth, here are my present opinions, based upon my own Look-see:

"The present day teaching is excellent. "The boys with a bellyfull of data, who go around calling mankind 'Saps', are being weeded out.

Anycme unable to support one body, or unwilling to, is not of much use to the body of Scientology.

"Auditors without mutual respect for the P.C. (thetan and body) do not produce predicted results.

"Those who have agreed to play baseball, in the field of Scientology -- though they be the greatest football players of all time -- do not score much by kicking the ball.

"The language is being so simplified that soon even a babe will understand it.

"Scientology's own duplication is being perfected. The time lag between postulate and performance is being shortened.

"The simplification of. auditor command and questioning is allowing the thetan and G. E. of the P.C. to perform with balanced certainty.

"The thetan is learnipg that the carbon copy duplicate- that ate gives his own G-E better be the one he wants carried out NOW, and it better be clear.

"The auditor who is not subject to change himself during an auditing session, who doesn't believe that he himself can benefit, is giving less that the processing offers. i&ti al respect, i4 tual gain.

"Since two terminals are needed for communication, which terminal is the most important? P.C. or auditor? This is where communication ofteai broke down. The altitude was too high,or the altitude too gross.

"Those who are sincerely communicating with what .is immediately confronting them, i. e., going thru the processes, are achieving results.

"Miracles are not apt to occur tothe high toned. In religion it is the desperate individual who throws out.' his preconceptions and says 'Lord help me', who has the miracle. In Sientology it is the individual who says 'I've tried everything else, let's duplicate this Scientology formula'.

"And the formulas, after the five-year plan of research, are now simple enough for even you and me to use correctly.

"Because a baby has, had fever, mumps, unsightly spots, whooping cough, and diarrhea of either mouth or rectum is, no sign to me that he won't be tuite a person some day. "This.'-babe, Scientology, even wow performs,. and holds great_promise in the opinion of a HE-TREAD." -- Alberta B Ell"iott. D.Sci., Greenville, S. Car,

"Does Scientology work? It must. remember, when you were editor of, the Journal, how disgruntled I was with the way you wrote. Now? I split my sides laughing. I realize, of course, that it depends on which side of the fence one is making snowballs whether this is considered a rise or a fall in tone. Me? I like it. May your funaybone never accumulate calcium deposits." -- Cavin Atkins. Highland Park. Mich.

"Enclosed is my check to cover post of 'Notes on the Clinical Course' as advertised in your hydra-headed communication clothesline -- which seems to be strung at the crossroads of utter randomity, between Orthodox Haven and Overt Chaos: Catholicity rampant! "I've heard it said that if linens are hung in the sun they will bleach to a beautiful white." -- Earl Robinson, South "Pasadena, Calif.

"I see that we have something in common...Welcome to the Association of Tromped-on Dianeticists: "A great many people have had an interest in the career and activities and writings and teachings of one L.R. Hubbard, but most persons who have come into direct or indirect contact with Mr. Hubbard have not had the opportunity to associate with other persans who have appeared from time to time in the history of the world of a similar caliber. It has been my good fortune to send a good many years studying both messiahs and mountebanks that have appeared in the world from very ancient times. In fact, I spent some years trying to find out what is the difference between the two....I will not attempt to say which of these Mr. Hubbard is....He is certainly an individual who is creating a great deal of furore, who is stirrst~hings in the field of mental t , and through whose efforts a gren many people have become interested in this subject. Certainly, there are thousands of people at the present time who have developed a strong interest in achieving some extraordinary form of self-control, or some ability to control others, or attain some emitted state of bed, as a result of'Mr. Hibbard's teacalags. Many of these people would like to