Dear Editor (continued)

tually. They are laughing about it at the moment, but I don't know if the HASI can put pressure on them or not. This is rougher than anything Phoenix has put out yet, isn't it?" -- A.J.S. McMillan, Bristol, England.

"I read last month's edition and thought it was a howl! Seriously, though, I did like the articles too. Articles on subjects mentioned by E. J. Wanner of Landon, England, would be most helpful." -- Laura W. Brownell, Charleston, S.C.

"Just a short note to ask if the Aberree's transition has been incidental, accidental, or intentional. I hadn't noticed the change slipping up on us till the summing up editorial came along. Then I took a look. The 'Non-serious Voice of Scientology' has become the 'Serious Voice of Non-Scientolgy' in ten successive issues. How come? This appears to have been a step-by-step process from the first issue ...

"Maybe you should ... get on the horn and cuss hell out of the guy when you get mad -- really open up, blow steam, run the locks, end go on then, feeling good about it all so his actions don't mar your evaluation of a good, useful mentel therapy and way of life. At least, don't let the covert anti-Hubbard faction snow you under like the Montana cattleman in the winter of 1884 and leave you with only the frozen and bleached bones of your original intention when the drifts melt in the spring time and they have gone with the winds." -- Bob Arentz, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Congratulations on your best communication yet! For some time I have been watching the Aberree with interest and some wonderment as to your final. destination. (Ed. Note -- No destination. That would indicate a terminal, or end of line.) The March issue shows more clearly where you are headed ... Several letters in the letter column have called for more validation of what has been done.

"In general, reports of validation of Scientology have been slanted. Only successes are reported, and these in such glowing terms one tends to consider them on the level of the T-V hucksters -- the bottom of the 'trustworthy' scale. The failures are fully as important for appraisal and learning the new tools. I am now in process of getting er notes in order for publication. These notes cover the period 1950-1955. The problem will be to find a paper to handle them as I must demand that they not be cut or distorted ... I make this point because my interpretation of Dianetics and Scientology theory will not meet with the red-carpet treatment in many quarters. I have taken every statement with questioning. For example, I have run previous lives both on others and on myself. My conclusions are that previous lives contain material essential to resolving a case. I differ with most of the 'authorities' as to the reasons why they are essential, and as to the interpretation of the

event. Reincarnation stands as a fact, but it is not what the spiritualists, Rosicrucians, etc. claim it to be -- and they won't like to consider what it is likely to be! So much opposition do I expect to these views that until recently I considered leaving a posthumous document ... but indications in the Aberree suggest I can bring it out much sooner. Any help any reader can give in preparing material for publication, etc., will be appreciated. Note: Due to the labor involved, individual requests for data cannot be honored unless accompanied by bona-fide aid in getting the material where it will do the most good: the mind of the general public.

"There seem to me to be two major flaws in Hubbard's postulates. The ARC theory and the theta-entheta theory appear both false to fact. They have a partial validity, which makes them even more difficult to deal with than outright falsehoods ... The theta-entheta theory was introduced in the book, 'Dianetics -- Science of Survival', as a map of a communication scale. In semantics we learn that a map is not the territory, and believing that it is was the original sin of Scientology. By some twist, it seems to have picked up a connotation of 'Aristotilian entelechy'. Aristotle thought that 'form' was something apart from 'material' and an immaterial 'entelechy' organized and maintained 'forms' ... This idea was more implicit in the idea of 'theta' and so got out of hand, becoming the central core of Scientology.

"Now, add to the little stew one more ingredient. Dianetics began as a therapy, a poor man's psychiatry. It would be not a great task to show that Hubbard drew from a number of sources in writing the first book. Neither is it a great task to discover what some of these sources were. One simply notes parallel structure of ideas ...

"All this is not to deny Hubbard's vast contributions to psychotherapy. My point is simply that if Hubbard had not fallen into a series of vicious logical traps, he would have gained tremendous stature as a therapist and would not have produced Scientology ... The error was not fatal, and some gain actually has been made by the course taken ... " -- Richard W. Lundberg, San Jose, Calif.

"Hilarious Schizoids:

"I have been too busy pulling out one of my own neuroses to say 'Hi!' sooner. I do these operations without benefit of clergy -- in fact, a priest, a communicant and a neurosis can give one a rough ride. This one is hilariously funny, with nothing of tabu in it ... Again, waste a stamp on me occasionally. I'm not even a pre-clear, just a primordeal cloudy!

"Here's to good fooling -- never mind plot." -- Grace Coates, Martinsdale, Mont.

"The last Aberree was, as usual, excellent. You're a darned good editor, Alphia, and I particularly like the way you have made your periodical into a 'reader-participating' journal.

"The book 'Synergetics' is now three-fourths through the final draft. It still leaves much to be desired, I fear. Still too much 'Synergese'. But I think it's pessable, and it will serve as a basis for further development.

"As soon as the book is published, I intend to specifically and unmistakably renounce all claims to being 'the authority' on Synergetics, and to turn it over to the Synergetic Community for further development. I'll continue to contribute, of course, but as one syngeneer among many ...

"Also, it's up to me to practice what I preach. This means talk less and do more. I know that every time I use the tools of Synergetics, a certain amount of synergy is generated and/or a certain amount of dynergy is eliminated. It's worth it to use them all I can.

"One major advance in Analytical Procedure has occurred (actually there are several developments not previously reported but previously used): 'Clearing the Procedure'. It consists of stating one's BAM (belief-attitude-motive) about the procedure, and Tracking on that BAM (especially inforsourcing it). In my opinion, this is the most promising development in AnP since the information source. I think it may be helpful with any procedure, not just AnP, incidentally." -- Art Coultar, Worthington, Ohio.

"From the different publications I receive, I get the impression that there is a general discontent in the psychological field. It is felt that there is a gap and contradiction between the so-high and positive ideas given in dianetics and scientology in the past and the actual dealing in practice. Of course, from such a distance, it is only uncertain impressions that one can get. Let us hope that conditions within the organization will be improved and cooperation, freely accepted, will be the result.

"Concerning the 'nonsense centers of idiocy', I know the work of Welgos and wait now his Lessons in Living. I have written to CHANGE ... but I have not received any reply. By this opportunity, I beg kindly to inform me if the 'Scientology Journal' has stopped to appear, or the dispatch to me has stopped. The last I received is the No. 34-G.

"I received the Foundation Bulletins and in the No. 3 there is an


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