Detroit Will Hold Duplicate Congress | There's Gold in Them Arizony Hills (continued)

Detroit Will Hold Duplicate Congress

A Congress, duplicating the one held in New York on February 4, will be held in Detroit, Mich., Thursday through Sunday, March 31 to April 3. This Congress is being sponsored by the Church of American Science of Michigan.

Registration will start at 9 a.m. Thursday at 2557 Coolidge Highway, Berkeley, which is just north of Detroit. Fees are $15 a person, or $20 per couple for the four days. Those unable to attend the full course can register for a shorter period at $5 r day per person, or $7.50 a couple.

Lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard at the Phoenix Congress in December, recorded on high fidelity tape., will be played the four days and evenings. This will include Mr. Hubbard's group processing on two-way communication. Seminars and group processing will intersperse the taped lectures.

There's Gold in Them Arizony Hills

(Thank you: Here's Your Continuation Off Pg. 2) sary to move its antiquated capitol .. to Mesa, or Globe, or Tucson to make way for the mushrooming enterprise.

Of course, it may be that some of the 2,500 auditors may not be willing to sign such a contract, since there goes with it a promissory note agreeing to ay "on sight", the sum of 5,000 for the violation of numerous regulations - -including, probably, the reading of such publications as The ABERREE. But -they'vetaken care of these protestors, and have sent a follow-up letter to those hesitant to rush their signatures to dotted lines, granting them permission to insert on the face of the note the fact the note is not collectible EXCEPTafter violation of the terms of the contract.

This note, be it understood, isn't something that can be collected on arbitrarily. When a violation of the contract -- such as failure to "forthrightly condemn and discourage by whatever means all activities in Scientology and Dianetics not sanctioned by the HASI or its affiliates" -- has been charged, the HASI appoints one member of a three-man board to look into the charges, the accused auditor appoints one member, and the two members agree on a third. Not unless these three agree that the auditor has helped make "it bad over there" can they demand payment on the $5,000 note (or 2,000 pound sterling in the British Isles). Of course, if the auditor doesn't act within 6o days to appoint his member of the board after a telegram has been sent him telling him what a stinker he is, he loses anyway, and the note will be deemed immediately payable from what the auditor has been able to save of his share of his auditing fees.

And , all this is being accomplished in a few short months without the use of "Black Dianetics". Or is it?


How powerful are mock- ups? Even during a childish game, what may be the results of imagined scenes ana actions?

This is a question David Westlaks' of Boston, Mass., has been asking since his family was a Imost trapped and "saved by a hunch" in what coulfcl have been a disastrous fire.

"One cold, rainy day last Februaryt" he relates, "three small friends, ages to 11, came visiting. .ng the afternoon, one of the tasks assigned to them in the way of entertainment was that of burning wastepaper in the small pot-bellied stove in the studio. This was hilarious fun, but in accordance with small boys' penchant for inventing games, was not sufficiently exciting.

"Shortly, this game was conceived: holes were cut in square milk cartons so that they resembled apartment houses. These were placed carefully in the fire along with the concept that my wife, Winnie, and I were inside. Then came the three brave firemen to the rescue with squirt gun and water to douse the fire and save from certain death a most grateful couple .

This game continued for two hours or so until finally the older boys moved off to new games: leaving the smallest 'Indian'feeding the fire. At seven that evening they all said their farewells and trooped out. Blissful silence followed in their wake.

"All was peaceful until shortly before 10. Looking back I can see that during this period, I had become more and more restless; as though there was something I had forgotten to do. Finally I wandered into the studio -- and into a roomful of thick smoke1

"Sitting in front of the stove was a paper sack, out of which smoke was pouring. One side of the sack was black and beginning to curl up, the way paper does just before it ignites. It was only a matter of seconds before the whole mess would have gone up in flames. However, a bucket of water quickly had the situation under control. The smallest boy had very carefully emptied all the ashes, including red-hot embers, into the sack, certain that he was doing us a great favor.

"Believe me, we were certainly grateful that three little boys , in their mock-up games, had been careful to see that we were rescued -- always in the nick of time!"