Dear Editor (continued)

article by Hubbard: Accent on Ability. I can tell you that this I am
doing from many* years (th my
long studies of Adlerian psycholo
gy, previous to Hubbard). That is
w I have never had difficulties
or failures, and also I have never
had miracles. Developing the abilities and the positive side brings
uttpp only the negative material,
which is a hindrance to the development, and I discharge and erase
only this negative material. This
was my method of dealing, but I
have been able to improve my method
and myself through the discoveries
of Hubbard, but without applying
the different SCRs claimed every
time of doing the miracle. I cannot evaluate what really happens to
Hubbard or to his organizations,
but I am ite sure that I owe him
a lot. and I wish that his work
gives the so-hoped benefits to haamity.
"Concerning the seriousness I
put on the search for knowledge, I
admit that for awhile limas giving
too each importance and consideration to everything Hubbard said and
claimed....Well, I profited from
this 'serious' endeavour only Degas.
tivelyy, 'looking' I saw
the shortcomings and exaggerations
and many other things, and as I saw
in a more clearway the whole situation, I became more independent'
,and I abandoned the seriousness of
the whole business of Theta Clearing Yet I aim for more progress
andI find more and more ways to go
on, but without seriousness. fi;
progress I mean more beisugneas,
more capacity for quicker results,
more happiness and joy of life." --
Ath. Athanassoulis, Cairo, Egypt.

"For those who like new techniques, here is one that costs only
$3.50 plus tax. All you do is buy
'a book called 'Across the Unlmawn
by S.E.Whiteand read until you get
to the neighborhood of Page 129;
that is where the technique begins.
The ones who have library cards may
be able to save the three-fifty.
There's no miracle promised but no
great expense, either.
"Here's a quotation: 'The basic
principle underlying all...formulasï..begin with the blank sheet,
the wiping out of scattered impressions, such as bodily tensions
and mind chasings -- the creation of
a little fair open space in which
to put something betterówhat comes
to occupy the space thus...prepared
is the continued secret wonder of
each individual life.'
"The author is a tan of reputation, listed in Who's Who in America 1946 and on back to about 1903.
"That's all. Keep and
I'll keep subscriinpublishing ." obert
Woodward, New Orleans, La.ï

'Teeing been a participant and
an observer in the 'FielB since
the inception of Dianetics and the
follow-up of Scientology, I now
find myself in the position of
vietieg to make a few observations,
and to ask a few questions which
have bothered me.
"Why did some accept Dianetics
and not Scientology?
"Why did some accept Scientology
where they did not participate to
The ARREE April, 1955 15
any extent in Dianetics? Hew many Scientology Journal has been invalare there who are still trying to idated. To client it all, on Page
balance and to compare the two com- 14 of the March issue of the .ABFi~
pletely opposite approaches? HIE you have the letters b.s. in
"I say opposite approaches be- quotes and I an simply beside nyrcause I have observed this: that self wondering just what you meant
Dianetics required practically all by those letters. Then too, that
listening from an auditor, whereas tidbit that Volney wrote entitled
Scientology requires all talking by 'Gelamy T- Patrol has started a
an auditor. This leads to a very lot of gossip at our butcher shop.
pertinent question. Do some people You never heard such gongs on.
need to talk? Do some need to lis- "I have a feeling that Ron must
ten? 0ne is outflow, the other in- have stepped on one of the oleoflow. Would there be the ssibil- trode cords that is attached to the
ity that after a period of-three or E-Meter that Volney manufacturerÑ
more years of listening, there'd be and darn if the thing didn't short
a need to balance that off with an out. Do you, Sir, have the same
eff period of talking? What is feeling? It simply must have been
tins observable Phenomena that some an electric short, or semetMr g
people can keep their radio or T-V was short which prompted Volney to
sets going constantly while others write that little dilly.
rarely turn theirs am? Does this "What hap to the type aan
imply that some people need inflow s 14.15, I6and 17? Lilt pose
and that other people need outflow? ae that you had the type shrunk
Can this be considered a classifi- so that the mailman would have an
cation of types? easy time getting the March issue
"In Dianetics. it is observable through the mail slot?" -- Mrs. Not
that a capable and competent audi- Koorbretse. Los Angeles. Calif..
tor both listened, =awes capable (Ed.Note -- That was "Engram type"
of talking, of adding data, when -- and how do you reduce an engraind
the necessity arose.
"Would then a very capable .)
i,L =your own typewriter some
pable audi- t
tor, or a fairly ration] person.
be one who could balance inflow and "I sympathise deeply with you in
outflow? I know. personally, that the...efforts you are making to put
as a Dianetic auditor, lures con- 'the halo back on Scientology'. Yau
fronted with the problem of too must be suffering a feeling of permuch inflow for awhile. without stoat loss now that Ron has seen
recognizing the fact that I needed fit to turn his back on you as he
some outflow to balance my ledger. has so many tried and trusted
This led, in my case, to a minor friends.
ear infection. This condition I "The weapon you wield, humour,
consciously concluded came from the . is a very_ powerful one in clever
restimulation of a childhood pat- hands and every petty tyrant has at
tern. Put intuitively I solved it one time or the other felt its
by a frantic period of writing (a st' and acted accordingly.
release of outflow recognized as " f you will permit me to so.
highly therapeutic by psycholo- - - may I express a viewpoint; 4e so.
gists, etc.) may well a familiar to you
"Thus, in regard to the inflow/ "As I see the situation Ron is a
outflow patterns, might one say very tough rough instrument being
that the need for inflow is the used to break the outer akin of the
need for more data, and the need materialistic society in which he
for outflow the problem of needing moves. - He has brought in, and made
to clarify the data one has accept- - ïmany recognise, something beyond
ed which is in conflict? - the material universe. In this
"Of course. this has simplified work he is similar to Mazy Baker
into two processes one of the most Eddy with her Christian Science.
complex subjects of mind as a so- many respects acted just
cial phenomena. There could be an as Ron is doing. She quarreled with
infinaty of discussion on the probe all her best heads of churches,
lein. Actually, there is, in each acted ish the most au .oritarian
of us, constant ïsurface' inflow manner and even charged ïï dollars
and releasing of 'surface' outflow. for her course: But many* of the
But what I am referring to is deep- principles she brought forward (and
er and more basic. There is always never practised herself) have
the realization that we are either lived. 14ke the idea of positive
getting something we need from cer- thinking (never bolding pr thinking
tair fence, or irritation because hateful hurtful thoughts) has rewe accept this inflow and cannot suited in many Christian Science
use it, and thereforehave wasted folk being ople, at least in this
precious moments playing the social . country, ofpfine character and hich
game of illusions for no real pur- integrity. Indeed, Stefan greg s
pose. book 'The Mental Healers' is very
"flow I find myself wondering if well worth reading.
this isn't a valid question to ask "Perhaps the real work of yau,
of oneself: Do I need outflow? And _ and the group r-.resent, is the
is the at inflowIamItaom abkam x'uthlsorb'for?-,iving followingtesoating the processes ter 'r,ï, reaping the
me whgMari harvest, and
∞essl rejecting where messes. Nuttall, Lakeside, Calif. =ice in the foundation of
"I am sitting here at and bringing in the Affinity
~g my trusty y angle without which no movement can
typewriter, sipping a hot cup of really amount to much. The ethics
coffee, dreading the idea that I are derived from the Affinity
must writs to you. Thu see, Sir, I le. The movement needs a st;
don't have a degree, a title, nor a base, firm and proved. Is this your
handle in Dianetics or Scientology. task Mr.-Hart?" -- J.H.Portass H.P.A.

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