Galaxy T-8 Patrol Blocks Death Ray


What Happens When an Earth Man Taps His Memory to Build Again The Machine with Which He Once Conquered Space? A Factual Report...

By Volney G. Mathison

FOR QUITE awhile, there have been garbled and conflicting reports about a radioactive explosion that allegedly occurred in my laboratories while I was experimenting with a "Facsimile One" machine. To put an end, once and for all, to these rumors and tales, I am herewith giving you the lowdown -- a true, factual report on what actually took place.

Yes, there was an explosion. I can now, at last, calmly face this strange event as a consequence of recently having had the shocking effects thereof run out.

This adventure began in Phoenix during the June, 1952, scientology conference. Ron audited me one afternoon, and through his remarkable methods of interrogation, caused me to disclose -- theta-wise -- both to him and to myself, that I am one of the principal inventors of a weapon allegedly styled as a "Facsimile One" machine, which I first developed in the T-8 Galaxy 42 trillion years ago, and which, as a member-of the Eighth Invader Corps, I used 20 trillion, two and one-eighth years later to take over an entire system of planets in the Arcturus Area.

At the end of the above mentioned Phoenix conference, Alphia Hart, on Ron's instruction, gave me a $250 check for "research". The actual purpose was to build a small model "Fac. One" machine operating in the manner which I had disclosed during processing; namely comprising the release of a jet of high-pressure incandescent mercury vapor from a negatively polarized tungsten-carbide nozzle toward and through a positively-charged nickel-steel tube, the nozzle and the tybe being across the terminals of a pyranoil condenser of extremely high voltage and capacity, so that the mercury-borne jet pulse impelled by a power-potential blast of millions of microsecond kilowatts, would launch a lethal bolt through the positive tube, thereby generating a "killer ray". My data was that this ray, in striking a person, would cause a strange and deadly disintegration of certain brain cells, whereby the victim would eventually become inoperative because of myriads of fantastic delusionary images of all colors and dimensions dancing around constantly in his mind. (One of these cases can be detected easily on the electropsychometer.)

Although interested in making the experiment, I computed that the discharge of such a mercury jet might cause a dangerous "back splatter" of radioactivity. I advised Ron accordingly by letter.

"The description of the 'gun' is very intriguing and electronically enormously sound," Ron wrote. "May I actually suggest that we

The radiant energy of the Ship came back down the beam and fused into a little blob of potmetal. (Page 6)