Dear Editor

Dear Editor --

"It's a newsy, interesting sheet.. There is so much personal news that is of interest to me about people in the Dianetics-Scientology field that I wonder how you get it all." -- Bill McKeen, W. Englewood., N.J.

"Very many thanks for sending the back numbers of 'The Aberree', so that now I have all up to No. 5.

"I enjoy reading it very much and look forward to the next issue. I hope you never discontinue, as you threaten.

"I like the illustrations particularly. The picture of your Thetan looking 'over the Editor's shoulder' in the last three issues shows how superior is the Thetan to its MEST counterpart." -- E.T. Robins, London, England.

"The Aberree continues to do the job... It is worth reading, and this can be said of practically nothing else in the field.

"This is actually just a note to announce that I have finally found the answer -- for me at least.

"After finishing the Clinical Course in February, I could see the handwriting on the wall (You will remember that I predicted then that group processing would be found valueless -- and you quoted Hubbard to this effect in your November issue.) Because of this and other factors I decided to drop out of what was at that time the main stream of activity: the search for techniques anybody could use. I chose rather to spend my time developing techniques that would work even though most auditors might be unable to use them.

"I now have techniques that will work for me and will produce the results we have talked about for the last four years. I can now realize the results Hubbard has postulated, though not with extreme rapidity in all cases.

"I have made no plans to teach or publish the techniques I am using at present. They can be discovered by anyone who knows all of the available techniques and can see their interrelationship." -- Ross Lamoreaux, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Delighted to see you on the same edge with Volney. Tell me -- is it a straight edge, a curved edge, a razor's edge, or the edge of the world?

"I would like to submit my application for membership in 'The Infinites' ... I recognize that I am not outside infinity, so that qualifies me. In fact, I'm so danged mixed up inside infinity I keep rolling around the inside of those o's sitting all snuggled up alongside...

"Please send me a card. I do doubt my ability to convince others that they are not separate beings in an infinity of their own. Indeed, I labor upon the delusion that we are all brothers under the skin. Just can't get rid of the blooming thing. Keeps itching all the time." -- the artcoulter, Worthington, 0.

"You who are about to be sued, I salute you!

"This is the End!... According to the Journal, if you don't pay tribute, you can't 'use' dianetics or scientology, despite the repeated avowals that these wonderful discoveries were being given by a great man to save the world...

"The best part of the new techniques is the fact that it orients the auditor in present time, too, and anyone auditing very much, and very correctly, will get a progressive tone rise with each session.

"(Theron) DeMers has been running me and has so run out a chronic heart condition of his own that for the first time in years he can get out and tramp around duck swamps all day without getting palpitations, exhaustions, etc. In fact, last week he ran a winged goose to earth in hip boots, over a two-mile swamp course, whereas last year he could hardly walk a hundred yards without having to lie down and recover from the exertion ... Also, for the first time he is outshooting his gun partners.

"Now that I have seen my article, I am more thankful than ever for the editorial help. It's a fine job of blue pencilling... I now see better what I had in mind and really should have gotten over...

"Here's a phase of what happened and I meant to say: There were over 60,000 first books sold. It had a wave of enthusiastic acceptance. Every one dove in without half way evaluating what Ron really meant -- all hoping to find excuses for their screwball actions and weaknesses, nobody really wanting to change and accept responsibility for being what they were and any changes they might want to make.

"Very few indeed tried to resolve their husband and wife problems. All I heard were husbands blaming marriage troubles on their wife's engrams, and vice versa.

"When you probed to find out what they thought 'reverie' was you found they expected to get into some state of stupor, detached from reality, and have an auditor 'iron' out their wrinkles while they did nothing.

"I doubt if 500 people out of the 60,000 ran 100 hours on the book's outline