Conference Report

Published at ENID, Okla., U.S.A. Price: $2 a Year; 25¢ a Copy

Dear Friends: Yes, we had a good time!

Left to right: The Photographer's Stand-in, Agnes Hart, Louise Whitlow, Freda White, Jim Lear, Younne and John Burch, Barbara and Fred Hibbard, Warren H. Collins, Harold D. Peck, Genevieve Crist, Ruth and Arden Bergquist, Edna Johnson, Norman Fritz, (one eye of) Nelda Woodring, Isadora Brandenburgh, Kent Corey, and Lee Lockhart. (If better pictures of the delegates were not used, it is because the Stand-in complained that the other pictures showed his eyeshade on a bit too crooked.)--STORY OF THE CONFERENCE WILL BE FOUND ON PAGE 3.