One Can Know Past Or Future, But Not Attain It (continued)

anything there.

Present time for this universe would be for the total universe at any given instant. There can't be a present time here and another time some place else.

A communications time lag comes from depending on particles to tell you what happened over that way -- and you're always late. You get a late image because it takes "time" for a particle to travel.

The thetan goes around expecting a warning from particles -- which he can't get because all messages from particles are in the past. If the sun were blowing up and you had the power to put it together, before you could know about it by seeing with your MEST eyes, the explosion would be more than eight minutes history. If you stopped all particles at once, you'd find a present time for each particle. The fact they're conveying a message has nothing to do with present time. Cause always precedes the effect; and it always is in the future, never in the past.

If you say, "I'm going to move this ash tray", and then move it, you know that cause is in the future.

The only way to handle this, if you don't understand, is by Opening Procedure, SOP 8-C, saying before you make each move: "Now I am going to ..."

Havingness should be determined by masses of particles and objects. Losing would be having particles no longer under your control or ownership.

Particles remain the same particles but change form -- so time is a matter of form.

An individual who won't let particles disperse or accumulate must be braced against something other than particles themselves. The basic objection is that two particles are going to disperse or come together.

A person only objects to motion because of particles going together or flying apart -- and when he objects, he stops time.

A person concerned over his postulates is trying to stop time. This is basic on the game called MEST universe. When you brace yourself against anything happening, you stick yourself on the time track.

All that's wrong with any preclear is he's trying to keep two particles together or apart -- yet the particles are no longer there. You may run a preclear and find him concerned over the particles that are in the Santa Maria, yet they've undergone so many moves that they even may be in this room.

The business of the game -- or control -- is start, stop, and change.

A love affair (which is the motion of particles) that is dragged out becomes very sad.

MEST universe particles follow a law that is laid down -- but your particles are handled only by you, or another thetan.

All we want to know is how many particles a preclear is trying to stop or pull together that aren't there any more; or someone trying to pull together or separate particles that aren't there yet.

You can handle particles as long as you don't use energy -- and that's what those below 4.0 are trying to do.

When you talk about time, you talk about the pattern of particles as in the past, present, or future.

Communication itself is concerned with the departure, travel, or arrival of particles -- involving space and time.

A person can communicate as well as he thinks he can communicate with or without energy.


The basic process is: Find two particles you don't mind having together. Find two particles you don't mind having apart.

A change of tone (rise on the E-meter) follows if you do this in brackets on objects, animals, people, spaces. Look for thefellow with a stuck needle -- not for one with a needle that is moving. You'll keep your gains with this process.

Also, have your preclear get sounds he doesn't object to having next to his eardrums. You'll find anyone objecting to a dirty word has an aberration on the sound laid in thoroughly.

Don't go into particles you WANT together.

Even if you run this blind on a preclear, you'll get a tone rise.

Tell him to give you three persons he's not, and he immediately has to check the location of particles.

You'll find a person stuck in his head to the degree he has to have particles together, or out of the body to the degree he has to have particles apart.

Communication lag is an index, but how much he's using energy is a better index.

You can fancy this process up -- have him give you particles, he doesn't have to have in motion and particles he doesn't