The "New Look" In Dianetics | Loyal Writers Told BDR Is "Off Limits"

The "New Look" In Dianetics

If you're earning less than $500 to $1,200 a month and not driving an occasional new Cadillac, you're in the wrong racket, Bud.

Some of the possibilities from auditing were outlined in Vol. 1, No. 1 of FOUNDATION BULLETINS, a new magazine supplanting all previous publications put out by the various Foundations, by the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Phoenix. One of these is the "guarantee" to students of the new Dianetic course that they'll either be good auditors capable of getting results on a money-back guarantee basis, or their tuition will be refunded -- providing, of course, they study, permit themselves to be audited, and observe the 1954 Auditor's Code.

The BULLETINS is an 8-page, lithographed magazine, printed in green ink on cream-colored stock. It is available "only" to Foundation members. James F. Pinkham, HDA, BS (Dn), is listed as editor, and his first issue is the neatest, most professional-looking brochure coming out of Phoenix for a long time.

The Dianetics courses, according to BULLETINS, require eight weeks to complete, and cost beginners $500. HDA's pay only half price. All certificates issued by any previous Foundation are recognized in full force but unless membership of $15 a year is paid before January 1, these certificates will be considered lapsed, and the holders thereof denied the right to use or practice Dianetics. This is similar to the regulations set up previously in Scientology.

A supplement to the BULLETINS clarifies the difference between Dianetics and Scientology. Dianetics, it says, is a mental therapy, and covers the ills of man. It is limited to the first four dynamics. Scientology is "the science of Life", is religious in character and takes in all eight of the dynamics. "Choosing between them", to quote the announcement, "is a choice between specializing in Man or specializing in Life."

BULLETINS, in listing "Standard Dianetic Procedures", said tests of Analytical Procedure have not been found to contain any validating material" and no further research into Analytical Procedure will be made unless "the Foundation is requested to do so by Dianetics Auditors and Groups". E-Therapy, according to BULLETINS, is "outlawed" as a Dianetic process because of negative reports and complaints from those who have used it.

L. Ron Hubbard's latest researches into the subject of Dianetics will be published in a new book to be available probably in December, entitled "Dianetics 1955".

Loyal Writers Told BDR Is "Off Limits"

The old A.R.C. (Affinity, Reality, and COMMUNICATION) triangle gets more and more deformed every month.

Latest twist in the A. and C. edges of the triangle is reported by A.J.S. McMillan, editor of the BRISTOL DIANETIC REVIEW, in Bristol, England. A recent letter from the London office of the HASI, dated November 1 and sent to all groups, warns:

"In order to avoid giving the impression that the Hubbard Association of Scientologists supports the theories on Dianetics and Scientology expounded in the Bristol Dianetics Review, all members of standing are asked to refrain from contributing to that publication."

The BDR is in its third year of publication, and is one of the neatest publications in the field. Each issue contains letters, articles validating Scientology and showing how to use the new techniques, and has an aim similar to that of the ABERREE in the United States -- wide open communication. However, Mr. McMillan is a bit more conservative in his editorial treatment than is The ABERREE.

have to have stopped, etc.

You'll find your pre-clear running out of people rather rapidly, and unable to think of more. Carry on in a limited bracket -- at least, have him get somebody else who doesn't object to having two people apart.

Keep pointing at how certain they are about this.

With this process, you're also indirectly solving his problem of space.

Here is a lower process that covers communications directly, but it's not as valuable. It's more covert.

Start asking, in brackets, for knowledge, perceptions, emotions, objects, symbols, foods, sex, etc., which must not depart, arrive, travel, or start, stop, change.

To make an individual reach a higher reality, run him on: Get three things you don't have to agree with, communicate with, or feel affinity for. Run in brackets.

All are spooked on the Seventh Dynamic. Have him give three ghosts that are not present. He may start digging into ghosts of fiction. Maybe you're even dealing with a ghost afraid of ghosts, a spirit afraid of spirits.