A Good Auditor Is Very Hard To Find (continued)

smooth the path to your goal more than an amicable relationship with him. When you can follow each command of your auditor with confidence and delight, you can be certain that you will progress rapidly. In fact, I would suggest that you do not do anything your auditor commands without being delighted -- even gleeful. There is no way for you to progress more rapidly than in a continual state of glee. You may find it easiest to be gleeful with an auditor you hate, or a stupid one, or one who wears funny hats -- but somehow you should make it possible for yourself to be gleeful. If you discover that you cannot maintain this glee while you are working hard at your processing, don't work so hard. The less effort you use, the more you will accomplish.

As a beginner, you might find it easiest to be friendly with an auditor of the opposite sex. In that case, get one. However, if the friendship should develop into love, CHANGE TOUR MIND IMMEDIATELY -- or let it develop, enjoy yourselves, and GET ANOTHER AUDITOR. If you really love your auditor (in that way) you will find other goals obscuring the goal for your processing. YOU MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

To sum up (and to give you something which you can carry in your mind easily), follow these three rules:

1. LET NOTHING COME BETWEEN YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN GOAL FOR YOUR PROCESSING. This goal is more important to you as a preclear than anything else.

2. Make it possible for yourself to enjoy your processing. Stand on your head if necessary, or wear gorgeous clothes, or sit in the lotus posture if that makes you happy. BE DELIGHTED by whatever you do, or see, or feel when you are being audited. Achieve the gleeful "Ooooh, how frightened I am" or "Ooooh, how miserable I am" attitude.

3. Whatever you do, DO IT DELIBERATELY. This is the best advice I ever received as a preclear, and, oddly enough, it was given to me by an auditor -- my auditor! If you are mocking up something or failing to mock up something, looking at something or failing to look at something, feeling happy or miserable, cursing your auditor or propitiating your auditor, BE DELIBERATE ABOUT IT. You will be amazed at how following this simple rule will speed up your processing.

You may discover that you, yourself, are doing things that are hindering your progress. Perhaps you will find that you are thinking too much about what you are doing, or that you are talking too much, or asking too many questions. If this happens, tell your auditor about it. If he seems unconcerned, try not to let it bother you. If you continue to waste time in this way, try group auditing. When you are audited in a group, you will not be able to talk much, if at all, and you probably will have no time to think. If you are audited with a group, remember that you are interested only in what you are doing and what the auditor is doing. What the rest of the group is doing is a side issue. Do not let their presence or their activity distract you.

There you are. Follow these suggestions or not, as you like, but FIND SOME WAY TO ENJOY BEING A PRECLEAR.

PATIENT -- -"...and then he...and I said... and she... and I said... and then...etc...etc...etc...etc...etc...etc...etc...etc... etc...etc...etc...etc."

PSYCHIATRIST -- "The trouble with you, Mrs. Yapp, you talk too much. Two full hours, and I didn't get a chance to get in a single word of evaluation on your case."