Dear Editor (continued)

before switching to other therapies, other prejudices, or quitting cold on the first terror charge or grief engram.

"Thousands of others were scared off by the lies from doctors and other prejudiced people who were prepared to have fits if half of what Hubbard claimed was so. All in all it was a mighty sorry mess... Once they couldn't blame their engrams, they started blaming dianetics and looking for some covert way out of it.

"I haven't seen The Ghost lately. Wonder if there's been one out?" -- Bob Arentz, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Apropos your article in the October issue, 'What was the word?'

"Dr. Gene Barenburg, of Baltimore, believes Hubbard supplied the answer, 'And the Word was lost.' Repeat, '...and the word was "Lost".'

"Have I thanked you for the Hubbard jingles? If not, many thanks. If so, thanks again." -- George R. Tullis, Baltimore, Md.

"The ABERREE is getting to be more and more like a publication every day. We like it. We are amused." -- The Rev. Mr. Dr. George Richard Halpern, HDA, B.A. (Yale '45), Freudian Psychoanalyst, B.Scn., D.Scn., D.D., F.Scn., and The Rev. Mrs. Dr. Ellen-Jane Lyon Halpern, HDA, B.A. (Smith '47), Freudian Psychoanalyst, B. Scn.., D.Scn., D.D.

"...We need something we could sell on the news stands. Wonder if you ever thought of selling The Aberree that way? Would it be possible or is there too much that would have to be done to get it on to the public market.

"I can say only one thing on validation of Dianetics and/or Scientology. All you have to do to validate either is use SOP 8-C long enough and arduously enough on any PC and you'll have all the validation you need. All I can say to you along these lines is use it, and I don't mean for one hour or ten hours but as many hours as is necessary to achieve the desired result, whatever that result may be that is desirable. When I talk about SOP 8-C I mean every process derived from opening procedure techniques. You can take them through the rest of 8-C if you want to but most cases will stop right there because their main complaint will be gone. The hell of this business is that you'll get a PC who is in terrible shape physically, or mentally, or both. They'll cry for relief, which you give them with SOP 8-C. The minute they get their attention off the body and it no longer bothers them, you can, in most instances, kiss them goodby and forget your goals for the case right there. They will be too busy going out and getting all wound up in something else to continue on to a full resolution.

"It might be an idea to print that last in the Aberree and see if this is general throughout the field. Maybe someone has an answer. I sure don't." -- Ernest Wirick, Detroit, Mich.

"Dear Ghost: I like The Aberree's hot tamale style of serving up the news about Dianetics-Scientology. If somebody doesn't inject a little humor into this movement, it will wind up a holy cow like Theosophy, et al." -- H.E. Budzilek, Bridgeport, Conn.

"... It kind of looks as though the categories set-up provides for arbitrary and perhaps capricious action against any professional. I was all for some sort of arrangement that would make it possible to stamp auditors who, for instance, used hypnosis, as non-Scientologists, and to prevent them from misrepresenting the science. Present regulations may be providing only for this kind of thing, but the tone of communications from CECS suggests a much more narrow and arbitrary attitude.

"We got most royally fed up with this kind of thing in the army -- and there, people at least had recourse to the Chaplains' Corps when the brass got oppressively brassy. Consequently, I'm going to sit in on Clem's courses of instructions to get data, but I have no desire to qualify as HCA under existing conditions. There are other ways of being pushed around.

"So if things happen in Phoenix and some sort of reform follows -- and these new barriers evaporate -- I'll be very much pleased. The ABERREE is doing a good job. Being critical, asking pointed questions, and providing a medium for the questions of others is not destructive. Arbitrariness and arrogance, on the other hand, can be very damn destructive. And the arbitrariness of CECS is not only unpleasant -- it's unnecessary." -- Bill Bradner, Winter Park, Fla.

"We give in, Alphia. The Aberree is too doggone much fun to miss." -- Sadah Field, Littleton, Colo.

"It has been a good experience to see myself thru John Bloomquist's eyes with the aid of The ABERREE. It is hard for us to see ourselves as others see us but it may be therapeutic if we wish it to be.

"The other day I had a conversation with Jim Pinkham for about two hours in which he very ably presented the core of present time scientology. These 'distilled essentials' which John mentions on Page 13 could have been taken right out of the Bible with appropriate changes in terminology, although one need not suppose that Hubbard found them there. It seems good to have these various