Second Midwest Conference (continued) | Lament of a Ghoul

while tables were cleared, Hart spoke of the sharp lines Hubbard has drawn between Dianetics and Scientology in the new publication, DIANETIC BULLETINS. Since Scientology is the study of an infinite being, Hart said, Scientology also must encompass Dianetics, as an infinite being is both the question and the answer; he can't be one-sided on any question because he is -- at one and the same time -- both sides. Tenets of a new organization he calls "The Infinites" was explained and "membership" cards offered free to all who needed evidence they were not outside infinity. Following this, Hart gave a group auditing session on "barriers".

The formal part of the Conference program ended with a "Sight Improvement" session by Arden Bergquist.

Attending the Conference were: Mrs. Nelda Woodring, Genevieve Crist, Norman Fritz, Harold D. Peck, Edna S. Johnson, Warren D. Collins, John W. and Younne M. Burch, and Ruth and Arden Borgquist, all of Wichita; Fred and Barbara Hibbard and their two children of Dodge City, Kas.; Freda White and Isadora Brandenburgh of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Charles Wallach, Midwest City, Okla.; Jim Lear, Norman, Okla.; Lee Lockhart, El Paso, Texas; Louise Whitlow, Marie Derby, Kent Corey, and Agnes and Alphia Hart, Enid.

Man Must Have Barriers

The covered wagon pioneer had his way blocked by trees, gullies, and warring Indians. His grandson has parking meters, speed cops, and pedestrians.

Man risks his life to conquer barriers, and when these no longer plague him, he rushes to invent others to take their place.



I thought I saw a crocodile smile timidly at me.

I thought I heard it shyly ask me out to tea --

But those were dreams of happier days, and now I am content

With eating Huber Guber's and a bucket of cement.

I thought perchance a Growler would rattle at my door,

But those were friends of better days and now I am too poor.

Ahl! Once I had a mandrake to chant a lullaby,

And Nero combed my little curls around a pallid eye.

No graveyard held a stranger, each held a trusted friend,

But now I'm CLEAR! It feels so queer.

Well, all good things must end.