Volume 9, Issue 8, page 18

the Buddhists, or the Supreme deur of the true God and so we
Being -- recognized but not un- must be content with a link via
derstood -- of Hubbard. I do not the 'Hierarchy of Angels' I
believe that the majority of have always liked the higherthe readers of The ABERREE un- group-soul theories -- they seem
derstand this surrender pro- logical to me. The do-whatcess, which is a gradient scale you-like-latihan process g enand takes time to learn, in erally acts psychologically at
most cases. One has to bypass first by relaxing tensions and
the thinking mind and only come throwing off mental trauma, and
tack to it when you feel from this would appear to be auto'inside' that it is 'right' to hypnotic in form to an observdo so. Obviously, most of them er. After all, psychologists in
are still thinking about their their psychodrama and relaxaPathways to Happiness, or what- tion techniques often gain simever their goals are. liar effects, and so self-hyp"Mr. Hubbard and others of nosis doesn't seem such a bad
the 'working on t he self' thing. The great difference in
schools preach what I call the the latihan is, of course, the
'pair of sox' psychology: 'initiation' or opening which
"Q. Have YOU a pair of sox? is a receiving of a certain
A. Yes! Q. Have YOU a mind? catalytic 'force' (independent
A. Yes! Q. Are YOU separate of mere faith), which pushes
from your sox and your mind? things well past the throwingA. Yes! Q. Then you are YOU off stage as represented in
(with a mind and a pair of sox) ordinary psychology.
and I am going to call YOU a "When all's said and done
SPIRIT, a THETAN, or a SELF! we could assert that ALL WAYS
"This is nice going and are valid and one thing I like
quite agreeable until they try about Pak Subuh above all else
to fit the Supreme Being (if is that he makes no claim to
any) into the picture and then being a great guru or world
they either subordinate him to teacher, e t c., and is very
the THETANS or ignore him al- tolerant of all other methods.
together. It seems to me that Most of the other teachers I
for a start, you've either got have come across personally
to I. Reckon that you're big- seem to attack the rest in the
ger than God (who for instance field in some subtle way.
develops the God Within ?l, or "T think you are doing a
2. He's bigger than you (equal fine job in helping to break up
terms are not very logical). this sticky mass of 'thinkingThis cognition that a Higher ness' by shoveling it on thick.
Power is bigger than you are I, myself, am secretary of a
and that it might be a good 'New Horizons Club' here in
idea to align yourself with it Melbourne (successor to the
is the second great step to- Out of Step Club of London
wards the peace of mind that fame) in which anything goes
many crave in the 'surrender' in the weirdy field. It acts as
or 'devotional' schools. (The a sort of well so that people
first step being to sort your- can come and dip in, when and
self out in preparation). how they like, for information
"These latter folk often that's a bit off - beat. When
think that the other mob works members get surfeited with it
on the Ego (or small self) in all, then they may push on
mistake for the large SELF, past this thinkingness. Anyand this seems to be true in way, that's the crude idea!
some cases, altho many cer- "All power to your elbowtainly do not make this error. but not to the extent of writPersonally, I'm not too worried ers' cramp. May the blessings
about this because I believe of Heaven descend upon you
that you have to 'be born' (i.e. from your EVER-PRESENT, Guidhave an Ego) before you can ing and Enlightened GURU, World
'be born again' (i.e. lose Teacher and BLESSED SAINT." --
"Conversely, of course, the Leonard .Harper, Melbourne,
'working on the self' boys Australia.
reckon the 'devotional' types
often surrender to a false god
or, as Louis would put it, a
higher Angelic Being. Some even
reckon that a piece of subconscious mind-stuff gets split
off (self-hypnosis). There appears to be some truth in these
theories in the early stages
of Subud but nothing to get
worried about. There are Gods
above Gods to us little humans ,
and we obviously cannot conceive anything like the grancivilization, because our flimsy little automobiles, planes,
buildings, and even our great
books would be destroyed. An
atomic war or a big flood -- and
presto ! Future civilizations
would not even know we had
existed -- except perhaps by
legends handed down for thousands of years. All our writings
are on paper. An cient manuscripts were of sturdier stuff.
Incidentally, the Atlanteans
had plumbing , a metal craft
superior to ours , and flying
saucers (boats) propelled by a
crystal, powered by the sun.
Prove it? Well, we can't right
now, but it will all come out,
if we live long enough. So I
think there is something to
the Bible -- even if only legends. According to the Bible,
Russia won't start the atomic
war -- China will! It is obscure
in your King James version,
but in Lamsa's Bible, is clear.
"Very interesting -- the seance. Should have had a camera
too. The boy was probably a
fake, but there is an explanation. Newsboys may have had a
different lingo at his time.
Possible -- re the accident with
horse, etc. And he could have
slept in the astral u n t i l
lately. Some sleep for even a
hundred years. Usually just a
few, tho. They awaken and forget or don't realize time has
passed. Like being under ether.
So he would still be a boytho some 'newsboys' are grownups. I guess you actually saw
him, tho...
"Jim can foretell earthquakes quite well -- when I do
get on the Ouija. Lately, no
help, and I hate to try it
alone. Louis is quite good,
and he saw 50,000 dead in California from the quake, didn't
he? Well, Jim has been telling
me this before Louis.
"Dying isn't to be feared
so much as living in a mess --
being alive amid all the dead
bodies and injured, or losing
all one's family and seeing the
suffering, smelling the stench
of thousands of dead bodies,
having one's home and income
destroyed and having no place
to live or to go. Possibly no
water to drink -- contaminated.
Jim wants to spare me all this
suffering and would spare others too, but they wouldn't
listen, naturally. Even worse ,
seeing your daughter with legs
and arms smashed to bits or
internal injuries or a smashedin face so that she would never
be strong or beautiful again.
I have a 15-year-old daughter
who is the light of my life,
you know. But she says she
won't leave California and her
friends. Thank heaven! Jim
"I know you don't believe
the Bible. I don't either, literally -- not all of it -- some.
My thought is that ancient
civilizations were just as intelligent as we are -- only more
so in some cases. They developed along a different line,
perhaps. They could do things
we can't duplicate -- such as
building the pyramids. If a
great catastrophe came to our
world today, there would be no
evidence of our so-called great