Volume 9, Issue 8, page 14

strong intuition; can stick,
but again, only as long as
your interest is involved.
Cultural tastes, desire for
the finer things. Your mind is
very alert -- constantly busy.

By MAXINE S. DUMKE .5-t yy ,. -- 1-1-0
-- dead giveaway to irritability, and then again, according ©
to how you make them, could be
a sense of humor.

More in the next issue. In
the meantime , below are a few
"capsule analyses". In the future, those wanting capsule A.M.O'C., Connecticut -- Sinanalyses will be answered only cerity and friendliness are
in this column. Those wishing outstanding characteristics in
a personal reply, or a longer this sample. A lady of high inanalysis, send $2 and a self- telligence who uses it to good
addressed envelope to Analyst, advantage. Friendly, co-opera322 West B St.. Ontario. Calif . tive, and even disposition .
Nice sense of humor which could
become a little sarcastic at
times but never for the purpose of hurting anyone's feelings. A busy person inclined
to be a bit temperamental sometimes, but only temper at herself. Simple tastes -- never ornate or flashy; straightforward in thinking and actions.
Completely trustworthy, fine
judgment, and she "knows her
people". Intuition is also apparent, but the desire to know
what makes things tick is
strongly evident. An honest ,
conscientious person who will
give a lot more than she gets
-- and asks no favors. Details
are important to her; strong
sense of curiosity -- she will
delve into everything and drain
the information before she lets
go. A good friend, but prefers
her work to a social life.

Let us discuss how handwriting reveals one's disposition
-- whether you are easy to get
along with or plain ornery,
headstrong, and scrappy. Look
at your writing -- which way
does it slant? Up and down --
heavy, sharp angles? Then you
don't have too many friends,
do you? You are too set in
your ways, too opinionated-too
doggone fickle.

Now, if you slant it to the
right, rather heavy -- tch! tch!
-- watch that emotional set-up;
could let you get pretty well
involved. In what? Over emotional situations, natch! -- and
some you might have a time
getting out of before they
cause you trouble.

If your writing is mediumheavy, a pleasing, even type
of writing -- not slanted too 1 1
far -- you are not so bad, my R. M. S., Pennsylvania -- You
friend. You probably have a have a normally even disposisympathetic understanding of tion but given to periods of
family and friends' troubles -- depression, which, however, do
a nice person to know, not last very long. You desire
If the writing slants up- material possessions as well
wards, you 're an optimist. If as knowledge but you will lose
you write on a straight line, interest quickly if results
you have an even disposition ; don't come almost immediately.
downwards -- oh! oh! depressed, Inclined to put things off
perhaps a pessimist. Better occasionally, but if they inpractice writing on the up- terest you, you will stay with
grade -- looks better and makes it until completed to your
you feel better, satisfaction. Lose interest
Watch those jagged"i" dots and you quit cold. You have
I have never changed. Money can't pay for
these readings, really, for each study depletes
the reader like giving blood. I've been anxious
to be free of such readings, priceless or at
any price.
"The Wisdom Pool", wholly absorbed and understood, will make it possible for any people,
all people, to read for themselves. I humbly
believe I am being given, to putit into my
own wards, the Master Study, the Master Reading. I felt at once that if I survived the concentrated writing of 50 lessons, I would then
be free of personal studies. I gather from the
excited planning of those who will distribute
the lessons that this is a vain hope; that I
will have even more to do, and farther and
oftener to travel than ever before. But it will
be easier to explain how to read the subconscious of the individual, the Subconscious of
Man, Divine Consciousness, than actually to do
it. I'm told I'll be expected to hold seminars, but what they'll contain I don't... well ,
I never know what I'm going to say when I start
speaking anyway. And do you know something? In
seeking by these lessons to help others to
self-awareness, I'm half-way beginning to get
wise to myself, something few persons ever get
around to, they tell me.

thinks most about one draws to himself in
abundance, these Sons of God who think of
nothing but death and hell will be a long time
coming into spiritual happiness unless they
change their mode of thinking.

And after all of the varied experiences, all
the suffering and striving of souls thru the
different states of consciousness -- then what?
What does a soul actually receive at the end of
its evolutionary journey -- if there is an end?
The occultist says: There are no rewards of
merit from God, or Gods; but there are results
to be gained, and the greatest of these is
spiritual happiness which comes to the soul
who has broken its last limiting fetter of ignorance, and is no longer enslaved by thoughts,
or things.

That the mother of spiritual happiness is
omniscience and its father is omnipotence. I t
is from the union of these two aspects of the
finest essentials of the Great Universal Consciousness manifesting in the individual soul
that spiritual happiness is born. That with the
birth of this kind of happiness comes absolute
freedom from all limitations; and the glorified
soul who possesses it is no longer confined to
one or to many worlds, but its home is the
Universe and its companions are the Gods.