Volume 9, Issue 8, page 13


As Tommy Snooks and Bessy Brooks
Were walking out one Sunday,
Says Tommy Snooks to Bessy Brooks,
"Wilt marry me on Monday?"
I F E BEGINS at zero, obviously. A zero is
the all of a reactive heliocentricity come
to an end, full circle. The solar end of
Mother Nature's heliocentricity is her sun
die, her masculine end gandering out in a
burst of straight line radiations. Of her
own unending, helical nature, the mother helix
cannot end in a radiating sun center. She has
to imbibe some extra sensory impurity to set
up as an erupting focal point of infection.

A helix that is reactively immaculate relative to her own active spouse only and feeding
back his divided pieces without end, is a perpetual wake, but so weak that any extraneous
thing that touches her, makes her break out
into another week of dies. It takes these seven
stages of the man to return his pieces once
more to another all-inclusive one-die, to another dying out. To go "walking out one Sunday"
is to go out of one's immortal heliocentricity
into transient straight line radiations, is to
go borning out from the masculine end of the
feminine helix.
"Tommy," who goes off like a tommy gun out
of the sensitive helix at the least extra sensory provocation is the gandering Tom end. A
"snook" is a perpetrator of a foolish act and
Tommy Snooks is the plurality of a snook, foolishly repeating cycle after cycle of dyings
and bornings, seeking the external life thru
progeny when he already has the infinite life
line automatically in his unending, natural
helix. A Tommy is a doubting Thomas who will
not believe anything unless he can see it. So
he is, in fact, a Tom ass, because the things
one sees are the lying unbelievables, the
things that are only seemingly so and a lot of

Bessy is a diminutive for Elizabeth, which
means "oath of God". The oath of God is to return all of his dispersions back unendingly,
but never totally to another erupting helical
end in another straight line sun god. But when
the diminutive character Bessy "brooks "strange
gods in her midst, she brooks trouble and conceptions flow from her dead end as brooks flow
from their source.

Eruptions go out in pairs from a solar sun
die, and in pairs they repair themselves automatically helically. But the automaticity never
mars itself in marriage, never comes to the
kiss of death that is, at once, conception.
"As", in as much as, "Tommy Snooks and Bessy
Brooks were walking out one Sunday," the inevitable Monday sets in as a wilting, reacting
back day. Monday is moon day, is the ingathering feminine aspect.
"Wilt marry me on Monday" is ungrammatical
until the word "wilt" is analyzed. Words that
break out from a zero with the same consonantal
sounds have the same root meaning. "Wilt" and
"will too'' should be analagous. The "T" is the
masculine "Too" cross, the helical columns uplift crossing the horizontal bar of death.
Tommy Snooks, who is now the LoweRed LORD reacting again helically and is now her true
spouse, is asking her, "Will too, your masculine end, mar me, your Lord, in marriage on
your moon die? Will you, Bessy Brooks, by taking on strange implants, marry me to another
end-beginning? Will you bring me to another
point of death and conception, and are you going to turn me in to a strange god, or are you
planning to live an immaculate life of divestiture of extra sensory things so that I will
be your one God for eternity?" the question
mark shows the hooking they will get if Bessy
Brooks brooks another stop-start. Let her feed
him back unendingly, without end, without another erupting positive pole, even as Isis reingathered Osiris sans genitalia. "Do what
thou wilt is the whole of the law", is the
warning cry of Aleister Crowley.

both conscious and subconscious desire, but
mostly subconscious. In using the "black and
white" method, you will usually get the things
you subconsciously ask for, the things which
are most in agreement with your own purpose.
Also, the things which are driven the hardest
will be the ones on which the individual has
the most emotion, any kind of heavy emotion.

Normally telepathy is not time-bound. If I
sit here and attempt to transmit the concept
of the Flower of Life which I use with you, and
if I work hard at it, you may get it a day,
two days, two months after I send it. Normally,
if we are in good communication, it will be
the nearest time either before or after I send
it at which you have some free time when your
mind is at rest. In other words, if I transmit
it at five o'clock at night when you are busy
driving home thru city traffic, you probably
won't pick it up until after dinner when you sit
down to read the paper; or you may already
have received it when you were relaxing at work
in the last few minutes before going home, if
you had a little quiet time there. If your day
is too completely occupied, you might pick it
up at night when you are dreaming. For most
people such dream reception will come in the
early morning just before they wake up. Like
the dream technique, as perception goes up,
you may receive this sort of transmission in a
daytime vision any time you are relaxed. But
when your attention is completely concentrated
on what you yourself are doing, it should take
a heavy signal to drive into your mind any
stray Dr extraneous thought about which you
have no agreement at the time, or at best, a
limited agreement.
(Continued in the next issue)
'Texas the night before Christmas and up
Some nan-made contraption zipped noisily by.
An object of wonder, created in anger,
A hate-inspired curse and an omen of danger.
So, hang up your nylons in shelters with care,
But don't expect Santa to visit you there.
He has his own troubles -- with strikes and inflationAnd his reindeers can't fly thru that bomb
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