Volume 9, Issue 8, page 7

From Wars to Religious Unity
Evil Is Merely a Mirage, Says Researcher;
Cycle of Drastic Changes Started in 1848
Essene Mystic
THEN I GIVE my attention to listen
to a man's opinion, I like to know
upon what experience and study
such experience is based. I do
not care to listen to his condensation of what he read in his
newspaper at breakfast. Therefore, I introduce this with the
statement that I have sought TRUTH
for over half a century and an
unaerstanding of the relation ever existing between individual and collective man
and his Creator and the Supreme Intelligence which covers the Cosmos.

Everyone I know, who has given any thought
to the meaning of the years in which we live,
seems convinced that the world has entered a
new era. Countless events have occurred and
are occurring for which we find no parallel in
history. Evidence accumulates that the beginning of this new era or cosmic cycle occurred
about 1850. The first physical phenomena attributable to the unseen spirit world began
near Rochester, N.Y., with the Fox sisters,
when a murdered peddler revealed his story by
means of raps, in answer to questions asked
him by the girls. This was in March, 1848.

It was about 1848 that the discovery of
gold in California caused the historical gold
rush which led to the settling of the nation
from coast to coast and in a few years raised
the number of States in our Union from Eastern
States and Western Territories to 48. Now, of
course, with Alaska and Hawaii we have 50.

It was in 1852 that Japan was opened to
Western commerce and communication by Commander Perry. In 110 years Japan has become a
major nation producing competition to other
nations in many fields. From ancient feudalism
she has sprung forward to a most progressive
nation, offering top-quality products in optics, electronics, and several other fields.

Prior to 1848, the age of steam, electricity and atomic power were unheard of. It required months to travel from east to west
coasts by horse or team. Now one can breakfast
in New York city or Boston and be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle in time for
lunch that same day.

Last February, I was aboard a jet plane
that left Los Angeles at 12: 15 noon. I was in
London at 9:00 that night. Five thousand miles
in nine hours is fast traveling. A phone call
from London to Los Angeles over underseas cable
cost the small sum of $9, and transmission was
perfect. My wife's voice was as clear and
characteristic and audible as if she were in
the same room. We are promised around-theworld television in a few years and soon we
will see events which occur any place in the
world when they occur. Time and distance in
travel and communication are becoming smaller each year.

Peoples of many nations are traveling all
over the world as never before. All are discovering that their foreign neighbors are not
such bad people after all. I was a bit antiBritish until I visited England. I found the
people of England the most kind, courteous,
helpful, and considerate people I ever met. At
Plymouth, England, I photographed the stone
steps the Pilgrims descended to board the Mayflower in 1620. It may have been that the Widow Wing and her three sons used those same
steps to board the ship which brought them to
America in 1630.

Three centuries later, nations are sending
rockets to the moon and planning to land men
there. It is possible that our grandchildren
will vacation on some planet other than Earth.

The age of invention began in 1850. Altho I
am but 72 years young, I remember the first bicycle with wheels the same size. I remember it
because my brother ran me down with it. It was
not the light bicycle of today, but had solid
rubber tires and its frame was of solid rod
instead of tubing as those of today. I remember the electric interurban lines, displaced
by automobiles and trucks. I remember the first
automobiles, the first airplanes. Not many
years ago I tried to phone Billings, Mont.,
from Chicago. It could not be done until the
invention of the amplifying tube made long distance telephoning possible.

Present research seems almost within sight
and use of the force of levitation opposite to
gravity. It is sometimes called anti-gravity.
When this force has been brought into use it
will mean the end of railroads, trucks, and
surface transportation. Everything will then
be shipped by air and probably as fast or
faster than jet planes travel now.

We live in an era of change. How many governments have been completely changed I do not
know. I doubt if there is a single government
on earth today as it was a century ago. Look
what has occurred in Africa within the last 10
years. New governments are born as peoples
throw off their backs the exploiting nations.
England has completely lost her empire as
France and Portugal are losing theirs now.
Revolution is in the air and as the saying
goes, "We ain't seen nothing yet'''.

We have witnessed a bit of inflation in the
U.S.A. in recent years. It is my opinion that
we will experience wild inflation one of these
days and our present money will become as valueless as Confederate money or pre-war German
marks are today. The monies of several nations
lost all value thru wild inflation and had to
be replaced by new currency. I have been told
that the plates are all made now for the U.S.
currency which will replace that now in use.
There never was, is not now, and never will be
enough money in the world to pay our present
national debt. It is not improbable that some
day our people will rush to convert money into
property while money still has purchasing
power. When that occurs we will realize what
DECEMBER, 1962 The A B E R R E E 7