Volume 9, Issue 8, page 12

OME MONTHS ago, words came out of samadhi
which might conceivably change the lives
of thousands. Someone asked about the White
Brotherhood. From samadhi came the statement that the White Brotherhood -- any such
brotherhood, or sisterhood -- was actually
unrelated to people, save that thru people the
locus of brotherhood, or mystery school -- by
whatever name it might be called -- became a
"pool of wisdom". I heard the words from samadhi, and they stuck in my mind, for a stupendous reason.

Here it is: 21 years ago, I wrote a booklength called "Open Wide the Portals", based
on spiritual revelations explained in a much
later book called "Monitors". I was told away
back then that this was one of two books I had
come into this world specifically to write.
"When will 'Open Wide the Portals" be published?" I asked my Monitor.
"You may be with us," I was told, "by that
time, but you will know it, and be pleased."
The implications were obvious. Since I like
it here, in the flesh, I did not push publication of "Open Wide the Portals". However, for
what the result may be, the story is running
serially in a magazine once called THE GUIDING

I began to wonder about the second book.
Had I not better be about it, if publication
of "Open Wide the Portals" by THE GOLDEN LANTERN might be regarded as "book" publication?
So what would the second special book be?
Instantly the words, rearranged, came to me:
"The Wisdom Pool ". No sooner had they recalled
themselves to me than I knew them to constitute
the title of the second "book". But arranging
for the publication of a book such as I expected "The Wisdom Pool" to be is an impossible
thing. No regular publisher would take such an
item. I knew this from 40 years' professional
writer experience. It would cost thousands of
dollars to publish it myself, and I have no
distribution -- I'd just have books. It would
accomplish little. It must accomplish everything.

I decided on a series of 50 lessons, issued
every two weeks or every month. They are not
long lessons, but they are filled with selfinformation for each self who studies them. I
based them on this idea: Man himself is the
wisdom pool. Looking into the "pool ", he sees
himself, not reflected, but positively.

The instant conception came I became more
obsessed with this "book" than any I have ever
done. I've published 40-some books -- some of
them thru publishers like Dodd, Mead & Co.,
Coward-McCann, David McKay, Mohawk Press.
Harper & Brothers (now Harper and Row) -- so I
have known book-writing enthusiasms. "The Wisdom Pool" drives me to finish. Nine of the
"lessons" have been done to date.

Some persons (I have self-advertised enough,
as I am doing here) know that I do personal
studies, on tape. A few people have not cared
for their "readings", but most have, and some
have insisted they've changed their entire
lives for the better. I've done these for $20
I N KERSEY GRAVE'S "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors" (1875 copyright), the writer
shows that Christianity is the latest version of ancient fables, and that Crucified
Saviors are usually personifications of the
Sun. Last month, we described the essence of
the fable. It is so old that all data of its
origin are lost. It was celebrated in India in
3000 B.C. as the Crucifixion of Chrishna, and
in Asia Minor in 1170 B.C., as the Crucifixion
of Atys.

In Rome, long before the birth of Christianity, priests marched in solemn procession ,
bearing aloft the emblem of a young man, nailed
to a tree and wearing on his head a crown of
violets. He was the Phrygian god Atys, son of
Cybele, symbol of Virgo the Virgin, and he was
"dead ". But on the third day the mourning
turned to great joy, for " Atys had risen".

It was early spring, when violets bloomed
and all nature was resurrecting from winter
sleep. "The dead are rising to life", said the

This scene is portrayed in Card 20 of the
Tarot, Resurrection; and the devotees of Atys
cried, "Death is swallowed up in victory! 0
death where is thy sting, 0 grave, where is thy
victory" (Isa. 28:8; 1 Cor. 15:40-55).

The drama of the symbolical death and resurrection of Atys was the most popular celebration in Rome for years. Attired in their
finest frocks, the "galli ", or eunuch priests,
led the procession thru the streets of Rome
every year in the spring. The ceremony began
March 22. Next day the priests blew their
trumpets to call the faithful. March 24 was
the "Day of Blood". The Bible says, "Without
shedding of blood is no remission (Heb. 9: 22).

As Atys bled on that day when he was crucified, so the priests must bleed now to honor
him. The high priest drew blood from his arm
and presented it as an offering. Then the drums
thundered and howls of compassion pierced the
air. The priests then frenziedly gashed themselves until blood flowed to their feet.

With the Resurrection of the Sun from the
southern solstice, there comes the resurrection
of grass and flowers, with dormant forests
turning green with new foliage. All nature
rises from the "dead ". This event illustrated
the Cyclic Law of Creation, which reveals the
inspiring fact that out 'of apparent de ath
comes reincarnation -- born again (Jn. 3:3,5,7).

This law has no exceptions, and Paul said,
"Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not
sleep (in death), but we shall be changed (to
Immortality), in a moment, in the twinkling of
an eye" (1 Cor. 15:51-52).
(Continued in the next issue)
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