Volume 9, Issue 8, page 15

control of the situation, rather than the situation having
control of them.
DEAR LOUIS -- My husband is
an alcoholic, and this is a
recent development. He has
gone to a psychiatrist a n d
joined the A. A. Nothing has
helped; can you help us? -- F.
I., New York, N. Y.

DEAR FRIEND -- Ordinarily, I
do not answer personal questions in The ABERREE, but, as
you have requested this, hoping it might help others, I'll
(Send your questions direct to do my best on it. The alcoholic
LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix, is a seeker; he seeks the
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, self- Christ within and outward manaddressed envelope. For those who ifestation of such, just as do
manwish personal replies, a ^iniau^
contribution of $2 per question the so-called Truth seekers.
should be included.) The average alcoholic is a
very intelligent person; thus,
he seeks to find his answers
on the physical level of expression. Now, since physical
expression is not consistent,
it can provide many downfalls
and disappointments; thus he
seeks a level of non-reality
to sidestep that which he cannot cope with. Any alcoholic
needs to find himself -- the
real HIM -- and until he does,
the bottle will be with him.
DEAR LOUIS -- - After my consultation with you I had such
an upliftment that I feel that
I have talked with God. -- F.M.,
Seattle, Wash.

DEAR F.M. -- Yes, you're so
right. Your consultation with
me was talking to God, but you
can do this without LOUIS. I
am merely a channel of the
Father. So many get overly
emotional as to the channel.
Remember Jesus' words, " By myself I do nothing, but the Father that worketh thru me",
and again, he told the people
to heed the Message, not the

FORECAST -- What's ahead for
1963? Louis, whose forecast of
last year in The ABERREE already has proven more than 60
percent accurate, will look into the year ahead next month.
Makes it a bit rough on Ye Olde
Almanack sales, but we don't
mind saving our readers money.
(They can use the savings to
send "gift subs" to friends.)

DEAR LOUIS -- We heard that
you read for Fidel Castro. Is
this true? -- H.G., Miami, Fla.

DEAR H. G. -- Yes, in a way I
did. I have a client in Cuba
for whom I've read many times.
I got a call from her one
night, and Mr. Castro was at
this lady's apartment. So, he
did ask me some questions. I
must say tho, he didn't like
the answers. You know me, I
pull no punches.
DEAR LOUIS -- In one of Ron
Hubbard's books, he mentions
the soul as having a size. What
do you know of this? -- E.M.,
Roseburg, Ore.
a thread thruout give weight to
his theories and conclusions.

He concludes, first, that
ghosts are pictures projected
by other minds -- something like
television pictures -- and the
originating mind may be using
a human body or be on another
plane of existence.

GHOST AND GHOUL, by T.C.Leth- Secondly, he believes there
bridge, illus.by the author ; is something wrong with our
156 pp., $3.75. Pub.by Double- concept of time. Evidence seems
day & Co., Garden City, N. Y. to indicate that the future
exists-even years ahead -- and

Once created, do gods have occasionally can be seen, as
eternal life? In his work as can the past. He compares life
an archaeologist studying the to a cinema f i lm existing in
ancient gods of Britain, T. C. complete form on a reel, which
Lethbridge h a s encountered one can unwind in order to view
mysterious and frightening ex- certain scenes either at the
periences which suggest that beginning or the end of a play.
some "power" is endeavoring to A careful reading of the
protect certain localities and book is required to grasp some
prevent excavation of old tem- implications involved. For inpies and tombs. stance, can the "band ", or
In "Ghost and Ghoul", the wavelength, on which a person
DEAR E M. -- When one holds a author describes many of these operates, determine whether he
tape measure E.M. to God, his size strange happenings and offers can see ghosts, past or future

theories in explanation, but events, or receive telepathic
must be small indeed. The soul with no attempt to enforce the communications? I s there a
is the individualized portion reader's acceptance. On the method for increasing one's
of God that dwells within man contrary, he emphasizes that
-- and this soul is an abstract power, or voltage, for sending
thing rather than a concrete all ideas expressed in this and receiving? Can one raise
thing Therefore, than a concrete
the book are tentative and are pre- his vibratory power and by so
Ocean, measure the sky, meuse sented in the hope they may doing, tune in on better " prostimulate o t h e rs to think grams"? one can speculate alure the universe, but -- try not things out for themselves, most endlessly. In fact, one
to measure the Father. Mr. Lethbridge's interest may discover that his tiredin psychic phenomena dates
DEAR LOUIS -- I have just read from his student days in Cam- ness is nothing than tall
my first issue of The ABERREE. bridge, where he saw his first ing in the o df and
Do you see any psychotic breaks tired people in the wssd -- an
ahead for meT -- W.M.C., Newport ghost. From that time onward, to cure your tiredness, you
Beach, Calif. he seems to have had a plethora merely raise your vibratory

of weird experiences, which rate. But how you do this is
DEAR W.M.C. -- As I look upon enabled him to base his book your problem. This reviewer
your pattern , I SEE a spiral- entirely on first-hand evidence. won't go into that, for she
ing taking place. This is due His presentation of this evi- has just tuned into some tiredto a new cycle you enter as dente results in a book that ness broadcasts -- al tho she has
the leaves begin to fall. From is entertaining even to the been able to avoid the usual
this vortex comes a new you, a casual reader, but the scien- accompanying boredom. -- Sophia
far wiser you -- and one who has tific observations running like Tryst.