Volume 5, Issue 6, page 4

Saucerians, if as intelligent as postu- BOOK "EXPOSES" VILLAINS WHO SEEK
dated, would know that humanity must advance by its own efforts, and they would TO SILENCE FLYING SAUCER EXPOSE=S
merely watch to see what the two-legged pros X IPIDIIfIIL, By George But Piitiaason
experimental animal will do next. Cer- and Jonn NcCoy, $3; and fk4IS-4AL BPISODI,
tainly man would be resentful and non- by "Anchor", 51.50. issene Press, Box 3433,
appreciative of such help. As for the Corpus christi, fexas.

Biblical prophets, the Bible was written if previous writers on UFOs are to be beon Earth and would not fit into the lieved (namely Gray Barker, in "They anew Too
schemes of those beings from other worlds, Much About Flying Saucers"), williamson and
any more than it fits into the Marxian mccoy are certainly "sticking their necks out "
scheme. in "UFOs Confidential". In this little printNow, I suggest that we are dealing ed book, they not only tell you where the
with a religion which is seeking to re- 'flying saucers" are from, but they explain
place Christianity in its orthodox forms. why they are here, and more important, WHY the
This saucer mythology springs from the public is being led to believe there just
depths of the unconscious because the In ain't b black such and d white. is
ite, these two researchers
symbols of the cross. etc., have lost come right out, in front of God and everybody.
their force, and frightened man cannot and name the earthly villains who are sending
stand alone . The new mythology builds their "men in black" around to threaten and
upon the crumbs from the table of science intimidate those who are finding out a bit
-- space ships -- force fields -- death rays -- sore than the villains think they ought to
worshipped with awe. know -- for the good of the villains, of course.

The fact we're not naming the villains here
So, with regard to Carl Jung's solemn isn't that we've been intimidated, or that we
pronouncement, he is mistaken if he says tear libel, but we don't think it a reviewer's
the saucers are not psychological phenom- job to give away the plot of a book. It's a
ens. There may be other phenomena, but book we suggest you read. Even if you don't
this aspect must not be ignored by soci- want to believe in "flying gamma", you'll be
ologists, for we have a new upwelling of interested in finding what these villains have
psychic force from the depths of the un- done to your " freedom ", OUR Constitution, and
conscious which will have as profound anyone who dares to be a bit creative or "difeffects as tho the saucers did come from ferent" from the straitjacket of "noruiity"
outer sate -- and it won't all be pleasant! Bone ofthe sub-villains -- uthe minis try type
p the military. as well as the copy cab, type
This material is too crude to be very of "scientist ", also get their Nero-like toes
civilized. See the "Creative Dream in stepped on. And if you think "Rome" isn't goArt" by Walter Able, Harvard University ins to barn