Volume 11, Issue 7, page 4

Copyright 1964 by Burt and Ruby Essex
I N bESS than a year, world-wide civilization as we know it will be faced
with a calamitous shock and the drastic termination of a mode of life
long regarded unassailable. This can
mean the destruction of cities involving
the disruption of all present-day facilities that go to make up our way of life,
while the losses in human lives would
reach staggering proportions. It can mean
the unleashing of wild looting and racial
strife by the survivors, large proportions
of whom will instantly return to the level of a savage on a scale beyond the control of the disintegrated powers of what
would be left of the unco-ordinated police
and military forces.

If this sounds like fantastic doomsday ravings, let us together examine what data we
have that will bear serious examination.

For more than 6,000 years that we know of,
astrologers have been recording the effects of
the angular relationships of the planets in
the solar system with relation to human conduct, and their conclusions have been unanimous that these angular relationships specifically affect men's minds and thereby the conduct of mankind, individually and collectively.

It may be remembered that in 1962 the Hindu
astrologers (ED. NOTE -- and some American fearmerchants as well) had a large portion of Indian society excited about a grouping of planets in our solar system called conjunctions.
This configuration could have been serious except for the fact that Jupiter, the largest
planet and the planet with the greatest gravitational force, was in a harmonious relationship to that conjunction configuration. This
means Jupiter created enough mitigating influence to offset the combined gravitational pull
of the planets involved in the conjunction.
When Jupiter is in a harmonious relationship
with other planets, even solar flares do not
occur and gravitational stresses are not set up.

JOHN NELSON, propagation analyst for RCA Communications, Inc., has done extensive research on sun spots, solar flares, and their
causes. Solar flares have been found to bombard the earth with particles that block out
radio communications. In his search for causes
of these flares, Nelson has established that
they occur when the major planets -- Jupiter,
Saturn, Mars, and Uranus -- are in square or opposition, that is, 90 degrees or 180 degrees
to the Sun. When these big planets are in the
60 or 120 degree relationship, however, no
sunspots or flares take place. Since these
solar flares can paralyze even the most sophisticated radio equipment, are we to believe that
the sensitive, delicately - balanced electrochemical plasma of the brain is immune to such
powerful forces? The play of planetary forces
in human life can be seen by anyone with a
rational, open mind, not blinded by faith or
preconceived opinion, upon making an astrological study of their own charts or charts of
their friends, providing accurate birth data
can be obtained.

Let us return to the question of whether
MAY 28, 1965
mankind is due for a shocking change of such
proportions that it could well mean near annihilation of our entire way of life. Why does -
not contemporary astrology have something to
say? Do they question their own data? m
In 1965, beginning May 28, rising to a peak
of strength in June and continuing for almost
a year, all the known planets except Neptune
will be lined up in cross formations in the
heavens, with the earth right in the middle.
In a cross formation, the planets positioned
at opposite ends of an arm will be 180 degrees
to each other, the disruptive opposition angle
noted by the RCA Communications laboratory.
Planets positioned at succedent arms of the
cross will be 90 degrees to each other, the W
disruptive square angle. Surely the solar flares AG
will be extensive. The gravitational stresses a
from this cross formation upon the crust of gal
the earth will most certainly be tremendous. pq
The effects on men's minds will be grave. Beyond this no prediction can be made. We can
only submit the observation that the probabilities that man will lose his perspective and
embark on an all-out nuclear war are too high '4
to be dismissed as mere doomsday rants.

THE WRITERS are not promoting any religion
or cult or group to save mankind from destruction, and could not possibly care less if
the reader passes this off as the ravings of
-- SUN