Volume 8, Issue 6, page 12

ear. Beepl Beepl Beepi I placed it in a small bowl, and picked up
the second egg, listening for the sound. But there
was none.

As the betving kept getting louder from the egg in the bowl, I
grabbed it and rushed to the house in back to
show my sister-in-law. She and her daughter a nd another girl
were there. Each in turn held the egg to her ear, and
were as puzzled by the beeps as I. We hastened back to the house,
the egg beep-beeping steadily.

in a few minutes, my husband drove up, came in at the back door,
and saw us all standing there. "What's the
matter with you girls?" he asked. The egg had stopped beeping by
this time, so we told him what happened. He
thought we were kidding.

I handed both eggs to my husband. "Break them open and let's see
what's inside, " I said. We all followed him
outside, where he opened both eggs. Standing around,
open-mouthed, we watched as the eggs were examined
minutely. But there was nothing unusual about them that we could
discover; they looked like ordinary eggs.

We never did find the beeps - nor an explanation.-Oonnie Tellez,
told to Rosalind John, Yorco, Calif.


HAT IS the urgent need of the moment? We might say individual
self-awarenessawarenessof purpose and
motivation, unmixed and unconfused with progressproblems of
others. For, "God helps them who help themselves"
is a true bill.

is it not possible to help ourselves by helping others? Perhaps,
to a certain extent, depending on what kind of
help, or whether we are merely perpetuating idols, or furthering
the seeming glory of false concepts.

an~'Idolsll are traditions set up by society groups of mankind.
energizing and retaining the theoretical law of Moses -
that the sins of the father be visited upon the children; also
the creeds and beliefs concerning sex, and the
propagation of the race.

What can we do to better the situation of the moment. and
establish harmony between myself, my loved ones
close to me, my environment that sends back to me what I have
released into it?

By removing completely, with full separation, the Identity as
Self from the mentalemotional body or state, and
viewing impersonally and therefore bonestly, all present
tendencies or trends, seeking only the truth in this manner,
we create an aura of truth that is beneficial to all with whom we
come in contact.

What is meant by the power of the word "God"? First of all, let
us realize there is no powdr in words alone, but
words being descriptions. or patterns, the word "God" was and
"IS" a pattern "man"- "and man was made flesh". The
power. then. is in the original pattern mannot obvious in the
flesh as yet to any great extent.

Spiritual Power interpreted outward into the flesh in many ways -
but all of them holding energy-depending then
upon how we express ourselves. Do we bleed a little or a lot, in

12 The AB

.ffietrt~rs of



(ED. NOTE - Don't take our word for it; look up these crimes
against humani;y in any good encyclopledia.
Thousands of others never were recorded.)


ICHAEL. SERVETUS (1511-1553) was a brilliant
Spanish physician and theologian. He es-
tablished his medical practice in France
where he became acquainted with the
teachings of John Calvin, an ex-C atholic
priest and religious reformer who had to
flee to Switzerland to escape from being ex-
ecuted as a heretic. Calvin organized a power-
ful Protestant government at Geneva and he now
began to persecute others whom he regarded as
heretics. Unfortunately. Servetus started to
write to Calvin and confessed tohim his doubts
about the need for baptism. Servetus also
wrote against the doctrine of the Holy Trin-
ity. When he later visited Geneva. he was ar-
rested on charges of heresy. on Oct. 27, 1553,
he was burned alive at the stake by order of
John Calvin.

Calvin died in 1564 after a long illness and the power of his
theocratic government slowly faded away, but
Calvinism still forms the basic creed of many Protestant
churches. The doctrine of predestination is still with us as
a grim reminder of Calvin. He believed that Some men are
predestined to eternal torments of hell even before they
are born.

anger, resentments, lusts of the flesh? Do all men bleed away
precious energy, or "Blood of Christ", or the Real
body of Self?

What is God? A continuation of man inward to the highest source
of Intelligence possible for the Integral Entity,
and the level of its function - or should we say, what is man but
a continuation of God outward in lessening degrees
of correct interpretative powers of its source.

How can we more easily interpret correctly out here - the True
source of Self in others, or, far within
ourselves? By deliberately refusing and neutralizing all
objections or resistances to the
imagined True Presence or Self. How do we imagine the True
Presence of Self? If the Self-the
All-Knowing Mighty SELF -cannot be pictured as great and
Intelligently Wise, one can choose
any person in history admired by the consciousness, and
pretending this person's presence
with one at all times, the True Ego fills in the pattern. even to
the giving of advice and
knowledge concerning problems,

Does one deserve to be miserable and unhappy? or can something be
done to avoid such a
state? You might say. does one deserve to burn if he sits on a
hot stove. of course he does,
as long as he sits there.

one deserves to be only what he potentially "ISO'. but the
deserving is blocked usually by
confirmed beliefs, and creeds of physicalmental man. Therefore.
he sits and burns until he
has had quite enough; then he moves.

Sex - just what is sex, and the great power thereof? A hot stove?
A belief? A distorted
projection? A creed?

"What profit is a graven image... ?"