Volume 8, Issue 6, page 16

k110W himself. There is this, too --he may not care to tell us
things we could not understand. However, I have a
theory: God wag created or born of other Gods somewhere out there
in the vast space from other solar systemsL- or
even beyond that. Obviously, this particular void in which the
Father found himself so completely alone was a new
universe just waiting to be brought into being. As a god-~ven a
very young and inexperienced or infant god-- he set
about to do this work. I think we are potential gods. but we have
to get back on the ball and eschew materialism
before we can unfold into our proper stature. When that happens
we will be creators too. In fact, we already are
creators on a small scale.

"About the entities being .so perfect' after death--they aren't.
Some are even lower than the people here in
physical bodies are -- if that is possible... People who pretend
to be somuch here (covering up with their wealth, a
number of vile sins) are stripped of all pretense upon goingover.
These often find themselves in rags and filth--
living in abominable conditions. That they are closer to the
earth makes it easier to contact us and interfere with our
business. Their world interpenetrates ours and is on a lower
vibration--nearer that of the earth. They could be in their
own orbit, and yet contact us. The e v i 1 ones u, s e every
entity they can get to do their nefarious business
anyway. The Devil heads up this gang. Make no mistake ; they
don't live in beautiful conditions, have lovely
homes, or anything nice.

# -The planes (vibrations) on the different levels are about "
follows: The very lower regions where there are
black rocks, pits of fire,iand lava. Here the spirits ght
conditions, and fight terribly among themselves. Hate is
magnified. Gangsof them gather around the Stronger ones and go on
evil missions to earth. Then back to the pits.
Some regions are theopposite. being horribly cold-- ice
everywhere. There they freeze. in nakedness. Depends on the
entity's personality and what he has done. The next higher Plane
is bare rocks covered with mold and creeping.
crawling monsters. Here the entities battle among themselves and
the creatures. The next higher plane is desolate
rocky plains . Nothing growing --no shelters. Entities are very
unhappy here ,

but not quite so miserable. On all these planes is almost total
darkness. There is a grayish dawn on some of the
lower planes. Next plane has some stunted or dying t r e e a and
scrubby bushes-- rolling desolate plain-- gloomy.
The next step up gives the spirits an hufnble shack of mud or
wood. Here they have a little more light--not much.
They are still in rags , but the rags are cleaner. Here the
spirits exist alone and in solitary, you might say. This is to
give them plenty of time to think. When they can stand it no more
they usually pray for hel

That is a day of joy for tge* higher spirits, and someone always
comes to the rescue when a sincere cry is heard. If
the bad spirit really means it. is willing to go back and try to
help some of the even less fortunate fellows in the
lower planes, he is advanced to a higher plane. There is more
light here and afew shrubs and green trees exist-- also
some coarse grass. Gradually or swiftly, this reformed spirit
rises, according to his works.

"Most ordinary, decent people go to a rather niqe place , have a
modest home waiting, loved ones around them.
and are happy. From here, they advance to even better
conditions."--Rosalind John, Norco, Calif. 000

"Again, thanks oodles for Page 3-this time in your Sept

1961 numberl Think I'll rustl~ some gold stars and send you one
each time you connect I',-Narl Douise, Ponca
City, Okla.

GJ 0 0

"Here is something that I think may make useful editorial fodder
on the BELIEF consideration:

" 'Investigating t h e past will show us faith which has been
destroyed. But destroyed faith of the past contains
only a lesson learned. it does not cont4in a seed from which new
faith grows. There's a pitfall if you look for the
seed of faith in the past, for it only exists at the point where
one reaches to the future.

"'Faith is like a flower that blooms freely at the outstretched
hand of life. It is alive. and a source. of power. One
does not pick it to hold nor to give, for once it is no longer
alive, it becomes only a token of faith, not faith itself.
Yet faith needs no protection, and if it is destroyed, it is of
the past.

"'Faith can be rooted (and holding) on many things, even upon
hate, deceit, the power of fear, the defeat of others.


but these make a poor faith to live with.

"'Do not hesitate to destroy such faith.

"'Build your faith where you see courage, a will-tolive, love,
and upon the things which you see are good.'

"Thinking this over this
morning, I % wondering, is be-
lief a sort of dead faith t%at
people hang onto? Is it the
result of an attempt to grow
new faith from the destroyed
faith of the past? Is it a
token of faith that one tries
to hold. or give away, which
is no longer living faith?"--
Helena Ackley, Rngleuvod,Colo.

"I wish to thank J. Lovewisdom's advice and obvious desire to
help; but if I were to go all-out on A strict raw
fruit and fruit juice diet in this neck of the woods, I would be
considered a 'kook' of the first degree.

"I have not found any advice so far better than Morris Katzen's
on diet and health. It is simple and easy to follow.
and it can be done without criticism of conformists. if one keeps
it to himself. I admire his spunk in campaigning
in the open. lie has opened himself to ridicule and condemnation
from conformists to the literal interpretation of th~
Bible and other ancient writings. His suggestions and advice on
morality have helped me tremendously. so I wish
him good luck and hope God will bless him abundantly in all
ways."--Eva Woodford, Lost Creek, W. Va. 0 0

"September issue much fun, as usual. Fun is value, significance
to me. Kingdom of Heaven 'n' all that jazz,
doncha know. The indicating finger on the panic button on cover.
Now I know from the cover what it means. 'He
gave them the finger'.

"Hotema sez: 'No one has yet found a way to make money on air and
breathing#. Wish he would havc paid my
oxygen bills when twice in hospital with emphysema. Also ; my air
conditioner bill. I m inclined to believe what
HotsY sez. But, if so--why flatus. How could the $divine' gases
cause a flatulent condition... I can see it now. the
11th commandment. 'Thou shalt not break wind'. With gases upped
to Divine Substance. why belch? Why

"Enjoyed, very much, Alberta O'Connell's article. She handled a
very rambling, murky subject with concision
and lucidity. Veryeager to read Part II. for my interest in hypno