Volume 8, Issue 6, page 17



tism is defense against being further hypnotized and how to
awaken from the hypnotic sleep we are all already in.

"Wing Anderson says, in 'Answer to Our Prayer', 'Life is motion
and the two are almost synonymous. The dead
move not',. I believe that they are far from synonymous and there
are many things which move which are quite dead.
There are persons who move and are quite dead. Neither movement '
nor mass, nor quantities (large numbers) should
blind us to knowing what (or who) is truly alive. And there are
many persons in our dreams who move, often,
swiftly, and have no life, neither being nor existing. In
defining spirit, Mr. Anderson says, 'When this force leaves
the corporeal body we say a man isdead.' I seriously doubt if
Spirit (the Infinite) can ever be in the-corporeal body
(the finite), and if it does leave, how - - when it is
all-present, all-presence? Can there be a place where It is not,
where It is going? I'd like to suggest to Mr. Anderson that the
dead body, corporeal, is always dead and that Life
(Spirit) is always Life(Spirit). There is no need to turn stones
into bread We have bread. Mr. Anderson ~ays that
'Mind is that which Life maintains contact with its environment.'
Life is mind, and being Absolute is its own
environment. Mind is not schizophrenic with a subjective that
needs to maintain contact with an,objective. They are

.Mr. Anderson would proba-
bly be interested in meeting
those who postulate mind as a
static, void, stable --utterly
independent of, and including
motion (energy), and the rest
of the MEST. Say! What has
happened to those MEST boys' , )
Haven't been reading them in
The ABERREE lately.

"Mr. Anderson says, 'To un-
derstand world conditions of
today, one must recogfiize the
purposes of the Creator'. Wel I ,
if this Creator is, as Mr. An-
derson says, mind -- then. who
but the Creator (Mind) can un-
derstand the content, 'pur-
poses' of this Mind (Creator)' * )
Thus, those who do know, must
be this Creator whose purposes
and world must be contained in
his-her self or mind. Mr. An-
derson says that we 'recognize
(Life) as the basic components
of an atom'. Hell, I've never
seen an atom, but I know life
when LI feel it. I've never seen
life, have you?....

"I'm more convinced than ever that the only thing wrong with sin
is that it's in the hands of
sinners who seem to

have a monopoly, and like money, they seem to have lost the
faculty of appreciating it and the capacity to enjoy it.
What we need is a more equitable distribution of sin with more
going to those who know how to use it to good
advantage." -RandolPh Ray, Laguna Beach, Calif.

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In your August issue, you have a very good editorial on God. Just
what Krishnamurti is teaching. No sooner
you define God, it isn't, and the same with truth.

"I don't know why George Clement's knocking down the Bible. Jesus
is a great PhilosoPher. He teaches that God
is within and not without. Whether he was true and living in life
does not make any difference. His words are price

ess. The churches donot teach all of his works. He never wanted
anyone to worship him. His words should.not be
destroyed.11-- Lawrence Pearson, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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"I would like to express my whol e-hearted agreement w i t h
Volney Mathison's letter in the September
ABERREE, in which he Doints out that 'hypnosis is covertly
administered in Scientology training sessions' .
Hypnosis is, by definition, a state of increased suggestibility,
and I don't see bow any reasonable person can doubt
that pre-clears are increasingly active to suggestion--a la
identic mode--during processing. This was first pointed out
to me personally by Joe Winter, and is amply documented in his
book, 'A Doctor's Report on Dianetics'.

"A very critical point here is that Scientologists carefully
install the suggestion that 'hypnosis is not being used'.
And it is true that the conventional techniques of hypnotism are
not employed, at least overtly. But a distinction
must be made between hypnosis--a state of mind induced in the
pre-clear--and hypnotism --what the operator does to
bring about hypnosis. There are many ways to make a man
unconscious -- a blow on the head, a knockout drop in
his coffee, turning on the gas in his room. etc.

"But the pre-clear, because he is under hypnosis, is unable to
make this simDle distinction. He identifies
hypnosis with hypnotism, identically accepting the suggestion of
the auditor that they are the same. identically
accepting the suggestion of the auditor that 'this is not
hypnosis'. From this point on,


this has the effect of a posthypnotic command a nd every time the
topic is mentioned, the pre-clear vigorously.
denies hypnosis was ever used. He knows it wasn't!

"Every person who has been subjected to Dianetic-Scientological
processing has been in a state of hypnosis
without realizing it." -- Art Coulter, Columbus, Ohio.

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In response to Dr. Kridl er 's 'God in the Sky' (June, 1961),
which is written in the spirit of levity, we would
like to say that what theworld needs right now is a woman who can
think around men in circles. That happens to be
the meaning of 'Women shal I compass man t (Jer . 32, 21). There
are many wonderful Iforeshadowings' to this
effect in the Judean-Christian Bible and many other forms of
prophecy. But stick to the King James version of the

"The 'backward parts' which God showed to Moses are.simply
'shadow Prophecy' wfiich could not be revealed to
mankind generally until the 12th Revelation, according to Esdras
14, 8 to II. it could not be revealed because
nothing but fear will push men into living with enough restraint
to aevelop some sort of civilization. God is a
spirit and therefore has no 'waist' and no waste. Eveli the
levity way of studying theBible will have some good come
of it since it is done in fear of the same thing you peddle
concerning freligious men without intelligence'.

"Since I have learned about there being such factors in existence
as 78 arcana and 22 major arcana, also 56 minor
arcana, the Bible has indeed become a fascinating book with so
much reference to the 22 sons and 22 years of
reigning, also the evidence of mysteries charaded in 22nd
chapters. We also find that the inner length of the coffer in
the pyramid is 78 inches, Its two widths inner and overall is 27
inches and 39 inches, therefore honor the choice of
books used in the New and Old Testaments, 27 and 39. Now I would
like to add the book of Barnabas out of Lost
Books of the Bible because it has so much to say about 'shadows
and figures of things to come', as does the book of
Hebrews. One can readily see what Paul and Barnabas disagreed on
from this book. But it would confuse some, en,
thral 1 others.

"How Dr. Kridler can Say there was no Bible before Constantine is
a travesty indeed, when new found scrolls