Volume 8, Issue 6, page 6


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HE EARLY man on this planet was a type such as the Neanderthal.
Life started in the sea many ages ago, and has
grown and changed tht7uout the ages. The changes were not due to
blind chance--as our scientists !ould have us
believe --but due to the intelligent thought and considered
actior of the entities we name Zora.

In the first days, the Zoras acted on the creatures thru their
instincts. Later, when the Neanderthal type had
evolved, the Zom achieved a more direct type of control. At
first, the ancient men (for they were men when Zora
was present) responded with great strides and gained greatly.
Then one day he invented magic and put a damper on

Zora is not the native entity of this planet; he came from
elsewhere. The Two is the original entity of this
world. Zora at first helped the Twos from a distance, but later,
when the Neanderthal type had evolved, Zora became
as a guardian to the evolving entity

to help and guide him. Until Zora did this, alf were completely
animal. After Zora began to guide and help, then o
ur newly-evolving creature learned to stand erect, and the type
called the Cro-Magnon began to develop.

At this time, the number of Zora were

paratively few, and the chances of a Zora getting a
previously-instructed Two were remote-_ yet the advancement of
our Neanderthal was phenomenal. Still, the job was and is a long
one. Since at this time the body is pretty well
evolved, and is doing O.K., we must spend more time, thought, and
energy on evolving the mind.

About 34.000 years ago, when Zora first started to communicate
with our immediate ancestors. he taught them
thru thought pictures

Many of the pictures on cave walls are Zor; pictures, but we have
forgotten how to interpret them. Pictures the cave
men drew on the walls were for communication purposes; later he
substituted those of his own choosing and lost
the art of understanding Zora pictures.

The Mumbo Jumbo of the savage medicine man is a diversionary
tactic. By the chanting and the yak-yak, the
Two is kept busy and the desire picture of the medicine man can
go straight to Zora, The picture often has no
conscious meaning to the medicine man, but the symbols are used
and the results obtained. Consider in this Context
the Indians' rain dance.

Two thinks the medicine man is talking to him and becomes very
busy trying to understand all that Mumbo
Jumbo, while the actual prayer is in the signs and symbols that
Zora understands. We have lost the art of reading




symbols. What Nine is striving to teach us is the conscious
understanding and use of these symbols for the
advancement of the Two.

When man developed the alphabet, reason, and I(gic, he shut the
door on Zora. He became so self-sufficient that
he felt he no longer needed Zora's guidance and help. He"pulled
the plug", as you might say. Some people--savages,
simple people with little or no educa

The AB

tion - still use pictures to communicate with Zora. Such persons
can do finp communicating. However, if they are
given "education", they usually lose this ability. Some greatly
fortunate persons can and do consciously
communicate with Zora, to their benefit.

Because we have a vague feeling about the value of simplicity,
people engage in such things as these back-to-
nature cults. They do not help much, tho, because the movement is
on a strictly physical plane. our big problem is
wrong education. It is so difficult to express this, because the
mistakes in our education occur at the very basic
concepts of our socalled civilization. As the "Good Book" says ,
"Ye must become as a little child".

Zora was cut off from the analyzer by man himself. Man invented
logic and went crazy. Magic equals logic.
Logic is the single greatest stumbling block in the path to
communication with Zora. Logic is based on this
threedimensional universe, and it works. Wherein lies the seed of
disaster. If our three-dimensional logic did not
work, then it long ago would have been forgotten. Since we live
in this three-dimensional universe, and rely on its
logic, we are cut off from direct contact with Zora.

Altho the Two has learned many things from tora, still he would
like to go back to the caves, and not be under
the guardianship of Zora. Without Zora and the analyzer, our
bodies soon would revert to the appearance of our
Neanderthal grandpas.

When our ancestors were just starting to build.the almost-man
b(>dy type, then Zora gave him much help, and
the help was accepted. It was much easier to help then than it is
now. Zora taught him arts and crafts. He learned to
throw sticks. He could count as many as he had

Com- fingers. He was learning fast until he had a setback. For
when ancient man decided he could make magic, he
thought himself no longer in need of Zora and began to resent
him. At this time, Zora began to create the
analyzer as a means of getting in better communication with man.
Because man was beginning to
communicate with his fellowman by words, the analyzer was all
snafued with words and does not work as
well as Zora had hoped. Man had his head set on magic and logic,
and so lost his way to Zora power.

Man is a stubborn beast, and set in his way. If he had not
stumbled onto logic and magic, he might have
achieved greater things. Magic does work -at least some of the
time. So he thinks it is the doorway to easy living.
The main trouble is that man is essentially lazy and magic seems
an easy way to do things. It is unfortunate that it
works, part of the time .

Zora wishes zo help ~he Two develop to his highest potential. Two
is not altogether pleased with this
arrangement, and uses a great deal of energy in stubborn
contrariness. In spite of this, however, Zora has succeeded
in raising us from the level of the beast to something
approaching real manhood, tho little thanks does he get.

When Zora has a high degree of agreement with the Two, then a
really fine and great sort of advancement of the
Two is possible. There are planets where such an agreement exists
and the civilization which such an agreement
helps bring into reality is beyond our wildest imaginings.

This is not the first civilization that man has been able to
achieve. There have been others - as many as
six. We said. "Sure", and