Volume 8, Issue 6, page 3

ffRecusant Voice of 'The Iffinfinites' a


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for Earth,, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
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;72 Z Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen

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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously, The infiniteness of Man
is not reduce

to a"split infinity" by war

or" experts" who seek to sell Shimta:gas~ he already has in an
infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds f r o m i
ssue to issue. or

_S.even from page to page, if we desire.
Sub b-Pol icy: Each Man b as the inherent
right to be his own and only"Author-
ity"-with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to "educated guesses"
about Man's destiny - if there's no price tag to it. and if the
guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.


Therapy is, and probably will long remain so, an unknown
quantity. Some persons get well - no
matter whom they consult-medical doctor, chiropractor, mental
healer, or just Plain quack (plus hyphenated
quackery, such as medical-quacks, surgical-quacks ,
gadget-quacks, etc.) And some get well by asking aid of no

one 6t no System, nor practitioner, can assure results in any and
all cases that come to him/them/her. Some have
many failures, and it is a wonder they still have nerve enough to
continue in a business that makes them a way-
station for drooling undertakers.

Therefore, all attempts at healing -instead of being an art or
science - must be classified as AN
EXPERIMENT. The so-called"healer" guesses at what is wrong, and
treats accordinglY, hopiq for results. Or, if
he doesn't know what is ailing his Patient, he uses a .. shotgun
technique", which he hopes either will cure, or kill
with no evidence of his comPlicitY. If the patient dies, the "
healer " col I ects his fee , and salves his conscience
with the argument that it probably was an incurable disease, the
patient didn't want to get Well, no other"healerpt
could have done better, and others might havebeen more expensive.

In the last few years, with a no-holds-barred campaign of
intimidation and Propaganda, this healing roulette is
being Put more and more under the strangle-hold of the medical
monopoly. No matter how many "satisfied
customers" a non"union" practitioner may claim . unless he can
meet certain arbitraries set up bythis clique of
learned guessers, he has only one recourse if he is to protect
his income - figure a Way to operate under the
protectorate of a religion. He

may know nothing of God, and care less for spirituality, but
since the monopoly over whatwe-do-with-our-bodies
hasn't yet been able to buck the pious gangsters who would
control our souls, he can bury as many wrong guesses
as his more favored medical brethren.

Doctors, realizing their pills, scalpels, and sutures were poor
bait for the admitted 70-plus percent who are
physically "ill" only "in the head", are spreading
theirbuzzard-like wings to take over and contaminate the fields of
psychology, mental hygiene, health foods, etc. Some States have
been pressured into passinglaws so ridiculous that
even a mother could be prosecuted for giving her child an
aspirir), or putting her family on a non-poisoned food diet.
if her aim was to improve health without first consulting - and
paying for advice from-a member of the medical
union. If the present trend continues, it probably will not be
long before health advice will be obtainable only in
secret, as liquor was dispensed in speakeasies duringthe Volstead
era. "Hey. Joe, know where I can get an aspirin
without paying my doctor ten bucks for a prescription? I waited
in his office five hours, but he was out playing
golf, and this headache of mine is about to kill me." Crazy?
Don't you think it!

None of the above is news to most readers of The ABERREE.
However, its repetition was dictated by a report
we read a few days ago wherein DOCTOR Ainslie Meares, a
practicing psychiatrist in Melbourne, Australia,
admitted in a story written for fellow medical doctors, that
persons who get better after
consulting him in his professional ro^le fill him with
"wonderment and perplexity".

Dr. Meares says his train

ing caused him to place the emotionally ill into two great
classes -those who could be helped
by increasing repression and those helped by increasing insight.

"Thus reassurance, simple suggestion, supportive therapy,
relationship therapy, and
hypnotic suggestion all seemed to work towards increasing
repression," the doctor said.
"Explanation, analytical psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and
hypnoanalysis all seemed to help
the patient by giving him greater insight. But is it really
valid? I doubt it."

The validity of the theory was raised because, when looking back
on patients who had
improved, he would find "no satisfactory reason" for their
improvement. Some got better even
before he started his "treatments".

Which leads Dr.Meares to conclude that there is an unknown factor
in the doctor-patient
relationship that effects the cure-which has nothing to do with
the learned techniques in
their mental pill-case.

of course, this confession by one practitioner will not keep
other, less conscientious
doctors from filling the hospitals and graves with their learned
experiments. Nor will it
prevent prosecution of the many sincere therapists who, instead
of giving "treatments", get
results thru understanding and "cooperation".

But it may indicate a trend . When even psychiatrists begin
questioning their
classification of all persons into types -and their ritualistic
treatment of "types" instead
of individuals with problems-maybe there's some hope ahead.

If we, as "types", can live that long.


Religion is the crutch man leans on when he no longer has faith
in himself.