Volume 8, Issue 6, page 18

all this we have in Bibles ex-
isted long before Constantine.
I myself owned the Book Of
Jassher several times quoted
but not published in the Bi-
ble. Holy books in whatsoever
form they are written on what-
soever material are called Bi-
bles, which is only a word for
books, coming f rom Biblia I
where papyrus was made for
writing material in Egypt.." --
Anna Knight, Port Neches, Tex.

III am the husband of one of your subscribers, but I seldom read
your magazine. However, the wife called my
attention to Page 5 in the September issue indicating what
Mrs,EddY feared under the name of animal magnetism.
So I read Page 5; but I also read Page 3, your editorial, to
which I make response.

" This is the end of a world. yes ' but it is also the beginning
of a better world. George Berkeley, in his only
wellknown poem, says:

'The first four acts already


A fifth shall c I ose the

drama with the day;

Time's noblest offspring is

the last.'

Bishop Berkeley, (before. he became bishop) was referring to
America as the fifth act. But he appears to have
forgotten oceanica and Australasia had not yet been surely
discovered. Eschatology is a wonderful thing; there appear
always to be a few preliminaries to go thru before the curtain
shall finally drop.

"'Yet it is necessary and expedient for some very good people to
live in tension between the past and the future,
rather than living strictly in the present. But I am more afraid
of the past than of the future; and I am here now to
correct my part of the past'. while the future is in the power of
an over-ruling Providence which (or-who) can be
depended on to warn me when I am standing inthe way of Progress,
am in danger of being run over by it. That is,
until the right time shall come for me to pass out of this
picture into a less limited one.

optimism is even more wonde;f,ul than eschatology."-Kelly Janes,
Monterey, Mass.

0 0 E)

Was deeply interested in what Prof. Hotema said on P. 4
(September ABERREE) about food and feeding ...
How true.

" No so-called waste. of the body passes of f thru t h e bowels.
The flesh of the body doesh It break down in
chunks. The flesh of the body becomes liquids and gases, which are



eliminated by the body thru the lungs, the pores of the skin, and
the bladder.

"'The foul feces that leave the body thru the bowels consist of
what man eats that cannot be used by the body .
That is what maneats that goes down the sewer. That is what man
eats in excess of the body's needs. If the Deople
of the U. S. A' did not eat more than the body requires, it would
create in this country the worst financial crash in
the history of the world.

,"And the Christians call
God's work perfect - then show
by what they do that they do
not believe what they say they
do. Go in thekit4hen and watch
what the cook does with the
perfect work of God. When she
gets thru with God's Product
and puts it on thd table for
the family to eat, it is not
fit for the body for which God
made it. Then these Christi . Lans
rush for the 'wonder drugs' to
'cure' the ailments they build
in the bodies by their own

"For 20 years, we brought some of these sick Christians back to
health in our own sqnitarium by doing nothing
at all but making them live according to God's plan. Then they
argued about the pay, declaring that we did nothing.
And we got them well after other doctors declared they w e r e '
incurable'. But they wanted treatment and remedies.
They were not satisfied to get wel I under God Is pl an. We threw
up our hands and quit. That was too much for us."-
-Ted Cason, Seb-ring, Fla.


"Out of idle curiosity, and
for information only, there
were, is, are 16 I's, 2 Me Is,
and 3My1s in Mr.MorrisKat-
zen's letter tothe editor. 'it
wonder what size EGO he wears.
--.T. B. gure, Bouers Hi II , Va.

'01 am mocliing up a ritual for Marcap. We all love games$ and
this is on the Game level-, like children who
pretend. We want to dress up and pretend. so we will have a
'burning ceremony' once a week which will be all
entheta comms (I use the term entheta here, for your
understanding; we cal.1 it I counter - thoughts ' o r destructive
force " of our own creation) received a nd all entheta creations
noted on paper for our newly-created 'Bank of Evil'. It
is fun, and comes down to us from ancient practise I recalled
having to do with the monks and nuns who wrote their
evil thoughts down every day, and communicated them in that way
rather than


to have unexpressed resentment build up. Besides, we have a ball
doing this. The young people in the group grab.a
pencil and paper FAST when they are in need of expression, and I
love to see them do it. - - Dr. 9.Blanche
Pritchett, Lakexont,

Ga. 0 0 0

"Thanks to Alberta Elliott for her kind comments in April . ssue,
. Kinda belated on my part, am completing an
action cycle. E. G.Robles Jr. demolition of Inf. 20 quite
amusing. Hope he never gets to see behind the scenery of
reality'. don't think he could stand it. Scientology is half

"Morris Katzen --Healing free is contra-MEST academic rules,
qualifications, and agreements. Lookwhat they did
to CIvrist-all because he did not graduate from accredited and
recognized sources of his times. Same trend todo. You
are bucking mass agreements on big scale. - Int. 20.


"My gratefulness to you for

publishing such a mind-grind-
ing magazine. Some of the rust
is just beginning to wear from
stuck gears of early tradi-
tional training - conventional
corn that matures modern ro-
bots."--Leona Gibson, Ndxonds,
Wash. 4

Survival of a nuclear war probably viouldn't be worth it-since
your"fellow citizens" would be Government
officials and those rich enough to afford bomb shelters--and
cowardly enough to build them.



ization trying to bring sanity
to this suicidal world may be
a bit unpopular. However. the
letter in last month's ABERREE
on Moral Re-Armament got such
a welcoming hand that we are
convinced ABERREE readers are
not willing for the hot-heads
and incompetents to send them
racing to bomb and fallout
shelters any more than we are,
(especially since we don It have
a bomb shelter and don't in
tend to dig one). Anyhow, we
were much interested in anoth
er organization, Committee for
a World Constitutional Conven
tion (8600 West Colfax Av-,
Denver, Colo.), which seeks to
"establish an acceptable and
effective world federation"t
with the aim of preventing just
such asininities andbullhead
edness now current in Berlin
and a half dozen other trouble
spots here and there. one of
the American committee mem
bers, we noted, is M&iLe Phelps
Sweet who does a bit of ther