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HE MASONS know the story of the Lost Word

The Masonic Encyclopedia says:"The mythical history of
Freemasonry informs us that there once
existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound
veneration; that this WORD was
known to but few; that it was at length lost; and that a
temporaoy substitute for it was
adopted" (Vol. 1, p. 453) .

In the ancient scriptures, the words were not vowelized, and
vowels were not used until
the 7th Century A.D. Then it was, hundreds of years after Moses.
that the four letters J H V
H were first vowelized, and reveals when the biblical makers
invented the interpolation in
Exodus reading:

"And I _appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the
name of God Almighty,
but by the name Je Ho Va H was I not known to them" (Ex. 6:4).

The vowelization of J H V H was another scheme of the biblical
makers in following the
path of the ancient masters, to conceal from the masses and
uninitiated the essence of the
ageless wisdom.

Biblical critics have missed the connection between J H V H and
the statement where"God
said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness ... So,
God created man in his own
image" (Gen. 1:26, 27).

The four letters J H V H conceal a profound secret of the ancient
masters. Four is the
~umber of the physical plane, and four is used in many ways in
the Bible. in the ancient
Tarot, No. 4 is the Emperor, symbol of the Creator.

In Mexico, Niven discovered tablets more than 12,000 years old,
on some of which were
inscribed the Sacred Four, the Four Great Pillars, the Four Great
Architects, the Four
Powerful Ones (Symbols of Mu, p. 74).

The scribe of the John Gospel is the only one of the four who
seemed to be familiar with
the secret of the Lost Word, and he wrote:"In the beginning was
the WORD, and the WORD was
with God, and the WORD was God."

This is the tricky manner in which the biblical makers, following
the pattern of the
ancient masters, keep in darkness the masses and uninitiated. And
they made the trail harder
to follow with this statement: "And the WORD (of God mentioned in
first chapter of Genesis)
was made flesh. and dwelt among us" (in.1*14).

The purpose of this statement is to make the masses believe the
WORD refers only to him
who"dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the
only begotten of the
Father)". The biblical makers increased the confusion by
interpolating the above statement in
parentheses, which statement was not in the copy from which they
were copying.

The WORD of God, spoken in first chapter of Genesis, WAS MADE
FLESH. and that FLESH was
not just the gospel Jesus, but MAN, made in the image and
likeness of God. And our immediate
purpose is to reveal the deep secret of that WORD. (Continued in
the next issuel

OCTOBER, 1961, T h eR



also has. some unlikely qualities. that belong to a different
phylum~for example, the

You see what a spot he is in? is this reasonable ? is it logical
to have created such
confusion that the poor man has to be secluded in a rest home
just for trying to bring order
into the picture' The only advantage is that, while hallucinating
in his cell, he suddenly
and brilliantly sees"The Answer". This, of course, takes place
when he is out of his mind ,
highly disorganized, andcompletely irrational . And. of course,
unacceptable. Odd, isn't it?

' Let's get back to God. After producing man
in this complicated, irregular manner, He now
expects us tv iron out all of the quirks, the
behavior deviations. Man is supposed to- lift
himself up by the bootstraps, to perfect the

So here we are, man, perched atop the monstrous pyramid of 1 i
fe-with no claws, no fangs
, no armor-shackled with a body built on ancient principles that
have grown stronger and more
tenacious over epochs of use, Now, when all these principles are
firmly embedded in every
body cell, He says we must chdnge.

Now, at the worst possible moment, He saysN?, no, you mustn't
behave like that. It isn't
nice. You must be good. You must love one another. You must not
fight. You must not be
afraid. You must not think bad thoughts ...

I personally have not heard Him say any of these things, but that
is what they tell us He
says, isn't it?

Here we are, stuffed to the gills (see?) and packed fall of
primitive animalistic
reactions-and we gotta be g-o-o-d! Is it fair?


Nol Well, I'm glad you agree with me, at last.

Now, if He isn't logical about us ... is it logical that ue
should be logical about Fix?

Well .... is it?



Masturbation is the primary cause of insanity and other mental
ailments. Cancer is also
largely due to sexual abuses.

29. The best knoun cancer Preventative and cure is sexual fluid

This is a fact, not generally known, but known by the author-and
so the cause and cure is
not unknown.

30. The human body needs the sexual fluid for the Production of
fresh blood.

This another fact known to the ancients.

31. Life is the most precious possession.

It should be, but it isn't. Human beings
are willing to sacrifice life for nothing-
material gain. 4



started to name the Egyptian, Babylonian, etc. The Ouija board
said those civilizations are
part of this one-that what was meant was that there have been at
least six civilizations
which have covered as great a space of time as the time of our
Neanderthal ancestors to the
present. Nine says when a civilization falls, then for.a time man
reverts to such a state as
the Neanderthal type, and must start building all the long way
back again.

(Continued in the next issue)
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A friendly handshake is a good bomb shelter. since bombs are
thrown at and by enemies.