Volume 8, Issue 6, page 7





HERE IS another phase of this mind controlling mind which is more
subtle and dangerous than
that of mechanical hypnotism, because it can be used without t he
subject knowing it, and
without the immediate presence of the operator. This branch is
called by the occultist
'imental dominion". and is just now beginning to be understood in
the W es t.

Hypnotism by mental dominion is produced by mental suggestion
alone, without physical contact or mechanical
aids. It makes no difference whether the subject be present, in
the next room, or in the same State with the operator,
he can be reached equally well at any time or place. The method
formerly adopted was to suggest sleep to the
subject. or victim, and when he had received and obeyed the
suggestion, then the operator impressed whatever he
desired upon the mind of the subject, who had to obey his will
upon waking. After a time, American hypnotists
discovered that putting the subject to sleep was not essential,
and that just as effective work could be done by
repeated suggestion until the subject should accept and act upon
it. believing it his own thought.

Unless you have made a study of the practice of mental dominion,
you have no idea of the extent to which this
subtle power is being used in the UnitedStates. It is now
flagrantly and openly taught by"colleges.". chartered by
various States; many newspapers and magazines contain their
alluring advertisements offering to teach"Personal
Magnetism", "The Secret of Power", etc., etc. Under various
names, each of these teachers, colleges, professors, and
doctors offers - for a monetary consideration, of course-to teach
you how to dominate your fellow man, how to
enslave another Son of God, and how to "positively enable any
intelligent person to exercise a marvelous influence
over anyone whom he may wish to control." (I quote from one of
the largest and most persistent advertisers of this
branch of "education". )

There is no limit to the power of mind, nor to its field of
operation thru suggestion. In the beginning of the use
of occult forces, suggestion is one of the most powerful of the
mind's instruments which the student learns to use.
It should not be identified with hypno~tism, altho it can be used
to produce hypnosis. Like any other force, it can be
used for good or evil, and the line that divides the right and
wrong use of it is as narrow as the edge of a knife, and
just as sharp. In the practice of magic, these two ways diverge,
and we find what is called white and black inagic.
The first is a straight and narrow path which leads to the
mountain top of power and wisdom. The other is the broad
road which leads to pitfalls and destruction. Many souls are
enticed to travel that Path. It was the wrong-use of this


of suggestion which destroyed us as Atlanteans , and from present
indication, it would seem we did not learn, thru
that sad experience. that we have no right to enslave the minds
of others .

Mind must be reached by thought: if the thought be constantly
repeated , nothing can prevent a suggestion from
reaching its destination. because telepathy is based on law. But
whether the suggestion is accepted and acted upon is
for the recipient to decide; it is upon the acceptance or
rejection of suggestion that the freedom or enslavement of a
m ind is determined.

There are different kinds of suggestion, two of which are known
as audible and silent. Audible suggestion we are
constantly indulging in, and is something we should learn to
control, because it may be either constructive or
destructive, and if the latter, we may do much ham to others.

Silent suggestion is of two kinds - hetero and auto. Hetero means
suggestion to another. auto means suggestion
to one's self. There is greater power in silent suggestion,
whether it be used for right or wrong, than there is in
audible suggestion, because the silent thought sent to another is
subtle. and since the recipient knows nothing of its
source, is unable to combat it, thinking it originated in his own
mind. Silent suggestion can be used for the benefit
of another as long as it be suggestion, and is not carried to the
extent of coercion. For example: you may have a
friend who is likely to give way to temptation to do wrong. You
would have a right to say to him: "You are good
and true; you can resist that temptation because your own divine
nature has asserted itself." And your friend will
come thru his struggle victoriously.

Whenever you make a mental suggestion, suggest doubly. Make one
suggestion for the subjective mind and one
forthe objective mind. By doing this, your object may be
accomplished in a much shorter time. In
suggesting to the subjective mind. tell it the truth; when you
suggest to the objective mind,
advise it along the lines of personal interest. For example: A
man has leased an apartment,
but finds the owner does not intend to keep his agreement to
renovate it. Having a contract,
he has a moral right to insist upon the terms being fulfilled,
and he says mentally to the
subjective mind of the owner of the apartment:"You are an honest
man and you will be glad to
keep your promise to Mr. Blank. " Then say to his objective mind
: "It is toyour interest to
keep your promise to Mr. Blank; hewill be a good tenant and it
will be a great loss to you to
lose him." The man has been told two aspects of the truth, and
,each aspect appealed to the
mind which was able to appreciate and understand it best.

Aut6suggest'loA is suggestion to yourself and you should always
let the autosuggestion be
made by your higher mind to your lower self . Let the subjective
mind give, and the objective
mind, receive. the suggestion. The greatest