Volume 7, Issue 8, page 14


"Last Sunday, when I had
nothing better to do and was
waiting for my hair to dry, I
started counting the words in
The ABERREE, and when I had
this figure down, I did the
same thing with a copy of FATE.
Imagine my surprise to discover that there were almost as
many words in The ABERREE as
in FATE -- when you take out the
advertising and the pictures.
The difference, of course, is
in the size of the pages and
the thickness of the paper, I
guess, making FATE look bigger
than it really is, in comparison.
"The figures? Sorry, but
someone must have torn them
out of the scratch pad I was
using and threw them away, and
I can't recall the figures.
So, rather than count them
over, I thought maybe your analysis department might have
this data. Do you?" -- Myra Bending, New York, N. Y.