Volume 8, Issue 4, page 7


MAKE ow-offs" from "Upstairs""
By HAROLD D. KINNEY Are Always Willing to Help

FUKURAI was president of the Japanese Society for Psychical
Research , and around 1900, started experiments
with mediums in the making of "thought - pictures ". H i s book ,
"Clairvoyance and Thoughtography" , was
published in London in 1931. It is filled with 119 prints of
negatives on which were impressed whatever Japanese
letter-character (and how complicated just one is) Fukurai
requested be put on saythe 4th and 7tbonly of a sealed and
bound group of a dozen Kodak #50 plates (in those days they
didn't have film as we know it), which were
not handled by the medium or anyone.

Most"recognized scientists" working in the field of E.S.P. would
lose their jobs if they let it be known they
believed in communication with SDirit entities, and so would call
this a supernormal evidence of telepathic
energywaves impinging on the plates. Since anyone who has
investigated psychic phenomena knows full-well that
slate writing (asliver of chalk is placed between two slates
bound and sealed) is valid, it seems most likely to me
that spirits manipulated light-energy on the designated plates to
form the characters. Flukur avoids a discussion of
the implications of h results.

I mention the above merely to show t range of experiments that
have been done

getting pictures or prints thru the co-oper

tion of discarnate entities (which you and I will be some day).
You are probably aware tha! spirits, working with
those sitting in medium

istic circles, make pictures in the dark on paper (plain) and
silk. Another well-documented picture is that made
particularly in the heyday of spiritualism by medium
photographers like Wylie, who had to give up his profession
and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego because
of irate sitters not wanting the spirit heads all
around them that Wylie got on his negatives and usually couldn't

If you are quite convinced that the idea of spirits around us
--let alone communication with them thru automatic
writing and/or the use of an Ouija board--is so much tommyrot for
the credulous (I have been doing both fo r years),
you will not want to waste your time on the following
instructions on how you can , maybe, make your own spirit
pictures. But if you are undecided and open-minded, o r a
convinced believer as I am, you will enjoy trying the
following experiments even if you don 't have a dark room. You
can buy everything you need for $2, using the
kitchen at night and your kitchen pans and-dishes.

All papers work to some extent, but I prefer hard enlarging
paper. Take any size piece of photo paper, hold it in
the darkroom for a minute or five minutes, as you wish for
experimentation, expose it in your print-box for

JULY-AUGUST, 1961 T h e fl


varying lengths of time,~wet it for a few seconds to minutes in
plain water, drain quickly and place in ordinary
developer, watch the darkening until it would all turn too dark
to see anything, and quickly, squish thru wash water
and into acid fixer.

If you know photography, you know that a piece of photo paper
uniformly exposed and uniformly developed
should give you a uniform print, gray to black according to 1
ength of time exposed and length of time in developer.
(ED. NOTE--LaCk of agitation, developer too cold or too warm,
will give you an uneven development, too.)
However, how can you explain that I get numerals, letters, faces
and legs, and animals, and what Trevor James
would call etherians or atmosphereans? The fact is, I can't get
such a uniform Print, nor can,anyone in my presence.

It has been my experience that most of these 41 supernormal"
abilities come to one by transfer from one who can.
Transfer of what? I'd give my left arm to know, and am trying to
collect data on this also. It is unlikely that anyone
I get to try to make prints will fail to get them. So, no matter
how much I try here , I still haven't the faintest idea
whether the ordinary person in the ordinary darkroom will