Volume 8, Issue 4, page 8

get such results. Everyone r now of who has tried so far has been
a believer in spiritual

ism, which still leaves me without data on SCIENCE IS CHILLENGED

whether the photographer down the street, or

on your street, would get them. I ON WHICH IS I jOID INp 41o,
Let's go back to the process of making scotographs (from skotos ,
the Greek word f o r darkness), the name
applied to spirit paper prints. No one who has a mind closed to

itualism is going to accept such prints as WHICH IS THE

valid. That's why I'm determined to find better ways to make
clearer scotographs, because they are hazy, often no
good. They show the thought patterns ofinnumerable entities
present, and one face orlbody-form will be overlapped
by a dozen others and mostly w ithout sense of direction -

In an effort to discover a better method, I recorded in detail
the making of almost a thousand such prints --the
paper, developer, exposure, amount of agitation in the developer
, length of time held, etc. That was done four to
five years ago. Since then I've made hundreds more, but do it
this way (finally getting around to the matter!):

I don't have time to hold the paper, so when I'm in the darkroom
processing normal negatives and prints I stick a
piece of 4 x5 paper (of this Resisio Rapid #4 which has given
best results) down my T-shirt and another upward
from below to be over the solar plexus, and a third down in my
shorts under the elastic, and forget them while going
about my work . Whether the emulsion is against the body is
immaterial if you are not perspiring, and that will
quickly show up on a print. You can put three ox, four pieces
together even . I sometimes stick one down my collar
in back over my spine.

My print-box has a single 60-watt ordin~ry house bulb under
ground or opal glass. I give an exposure from the
fastest flash to three and four seconds. I sometimes shift to a
40-, 25-, and a 7v2-watt bulb. Or I prefer to hold the
paper out the darkroom door, daytimes. When I think of it, I
remove them and expose them and toss them in the
tray of plain wash water. Im ay start developing them after a
fast dip inthe water, or after forgetting them for 10
minutes. It was not until I'd made 300 of the first tries that a
person (dhe of fo~r I know who makes these) told me
about this pre-soak. It holds the whites better but is not
actually necessary.

once while reading a book on"flying saucers 11, a scoto showed
what could be a saucer with long magnetic lines
streaming down from the whole of the circumference as seen from
an angle below the saucer. Later I got a man
smoking a pipe, holding it in his hand. Often people in a group
to which I've taken my darkroom equipment for
making scotos will exclaim, "Why, that's Aunt Mary!", or the like.

The spirits working on these for me are mostly what are called
"earth-bound" entities --those who did not
progress to Plane Two where they belong, but are still hanging
around on Plane One with us. They love to come in
and make pictures, or do auto-writing -- to be recognized as
present. It is they who manipulate light-energy-force to
affect the emulsion, not we experimenters. If you happen never to
think of spirits and are uninterested in them, there
may be none about you to help you make scotographs, in which case
'you'll get a uniform darkness on your paper.
But try calling for those loved ones on "the other side" while
working, and see if they're not able, ready, and willing
to give you the help you need.



ORE THAN 20 years ago, I began thinking
about gravitation. one of the statements
that puzzled me was the "vacuum of empty
space ". If you take a glass container
about pint size, and put a drop of water
in it, at about a 60 degree temperature,
or higher, you cannot get a vacuum in that
container until the water has been evaporated
and extracted by a vacuum pump. Increase the
size of the container to one gallon, and the
same still applies. At what point can you make
a container so large that it can hold the drop
of water at the same temperature as the small-
er containers, and still have a vacuum within?
Therefore, I didn't think there could be a
vacuum or emptiness in outer space. for the
water on the surface of the planet Earth would
be evaporated by that vacuum.

The question arises: If outer space is filled with substance,
what is matter? This is the point where I developed a
theory that xatter is void. A void will stop the passage of
light. The planet also stops the passage of light. The
planet is obviously not an absolute void, or there could be no
life or motion beneath the outer surface of the planet.
Therefore, I assumed that the planet is mostly void uAile outer
space is mostly substance. That is a reversal of
the contemporary idea about the meaning of "substance". What we
see and feel is matter, and
that is empty space - void - f o rm ed into a body by the unseen
substance . The human body
is not substance. The human material form is held together by the
invisible substance in
motion - energy - light.

Gravitation is a combination of forces.

1. A centripetal force due to the rotation of the Earth pushing
void toward the center of
the planet.

2. A force of light from outer space pushing on the void content
of material elements.

3. A centrifugal force acting on the true substance by the
rotation of the planet and its
outer material shell of gases.

The very foundation of science is false because s c i e n c e
regards matter as substance
whereas in reality matter is mostly void space. The proof is
supported by scientific facts.
The basic foundation of all creation is space, substance, and
motion. Space alone is a void.
Substance can only exist within space. There can be-no motion
without substance and space.
outer space is obviously mostly filled with substance because it
transmits light from distant
stellar bodies. Light cannot be transmitted thru a void. Light is
the motion of substance and
it- can only be transmitted by substance. Material bodies
interfere with the passage of
light, so material bodies contain void space. Matter is held
together by substance in motion
which is called energy.

When science accepts these obvious facts, science will be on the
way to understanding the
laws behind gravitation. it also will help science to understand
more about the mysteries of
life, and great changes will take place in the healing arts.

e Iq B E R R E E JULY-AUGUST. 1961