Volume 7, Issue 8, page 16

teachings about the feces being neither poisonous nor toxic and that the idea about
daily bowel movements is a
fallacy. " -- Morris Katzen,
Cooks Falls, N. Y.
"Re: `Salesmen of "Only
ways", as per your auditorial
in November ABERREE.
"An 'enlightened' (resurrected) person waking into understanding of his `way' very
often says to his fellows,
`Look you, I have found the
way'. He immediately attempts
to commercialize, convert, enforce, or coerce others into
accepting HIS `way'.
"And so man goes into darkness, hatred, wars, and all
expressions of destruction
which can be imagined.
"There IS an `only way', but
the one and only way is comprehensive of each man and his
way. It is a way composed of
individual 'ways'. It is the
individual's own path taken in.
falling from grace (from the
infinite to the finite).
"There is a scripture in
the Christian Bible which says,
'Many will come from the north ,
east, south, and west, and sit
down in the kingdom of heaven
with Abraham, Isaac, and moses, and be taught in their
way.' I add : it is not the
'way' of Abraham, Isaac, and
Moses which is spoken of here;
it is the way of the `many'
who are to be taught in their
(own) way. This makes this
scripture understandable for
me. It makes many of the statements made in many other philosophies understandable.
"Each human being is a completeness. Each 'way' is a necessary part of THE WAY, so
that by knowing of all 'ways'
we can understand the physical
universe, its trap, its plan,
and its creator's purpose.
"To have an optimum civilization, to have understanding,
wealth, and peace, we must
sooner or later acknowledge
the fellowship of man. No man
is another man, no man is independent of others either.
Each individual has his contributions - to make, and he
makes them; those of us who
can accept his originations
are at peace, those who would
change him are at war. The
difference between peace and
war is the difference between
light and dark, or motion and
no motion.
"A truly enlightened person
makes no demands on his fellows, and by so doing finds
them willing to reach toward
him, for they know he understands. He does not have to
tell them so, they do not have
to 'believe on him'. One cannot believe the things he coitus, resulting in the even
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