Volume 8, Issue 4, page 5

Doubters Seek More aDd
More "Proof"

Friends Can Help Open Your Eyes, but Not See for
You; Other Planes Won't Solve Material Problems


HY MUST so many persons challenge

over and over the fact that life is a continuous expression? Why
must so many keep contacting the friends who have
passed on, just to aid them in solving their material earth
problems? Why? Why?

one answer could be that these persons are not students of
metaphysics (which is only "seenphysics" extended
into the area of the "uNseen"), but only think they are stu

dents. A real student of metaphysics know; and understands that
all experiences, or conditions in which one finds
himself , are the result of their own habits of thinking and
doing. Nothing happens by chance. A law of creation is
"cause to effect"- (the meaning of karma).

To be constantly reassuring oneself of the continuity of
individual life is evidence that there is real doubt in one's
mind. When there is a "doubt", it is further evidence of fear,
for they are only degreesof thesame condition of mind--
both destructive. To continue in this destructive pattern of mind
will lead only to a hell - the name given to that
state of mind wherein the person sees, hears, feels, and
therefore experiences, only the continuous, destructive
manifestations of abject fear.

The fact you have read this far infers that you are a t least
intellectually interested in metaphysics. Are you one
who has applied understanding, knowledge, and the "law of use"?
If so, join actively in assisting the many to put
aside their doubts and stand on their own. We who know cannot
force this knowledge upon another. We can only
point the way, state the logic, and stimulate the mental
activity. We cannot carry another into knowledge any.more
than we can make the transition for another. Each must "find his
own way back", which is the meaning of the word
"salvation". Therefore, it is suggested that if you are not sure
and need help, go to one in whom you have trust and
ask for logical proof of continuous life . Then use your own
reason and logic to prove it to yourself.

Every human being is a spiritual being-
otherwise theywould not - be a " being " at al I

The very fact that you are conscious of yourself (which an animal
is not), puts you in a position to use your
individual mind and logically draw from your own experiences the
very proof you desire. The aid of a trusted friend
here or departed can only awaken your mental eyes; they cannot
see for you. Only you and you alone canmake
conclusions in your own mind that are satisfying to you. It is
something you yourself must do. .

When you have come into the"know" of continuous life, you are
ready to examine the second question stated
abov,~, i. e., "Why must so many keep on contacting the friends
who have passed over to aid them in solving their

Personal, material, earth problems?" Lei it be stated here with
authority that no member of the Great Brotherhood,
even those of the lower ranks, will ever solve or attempt tosolve
your Personal Problems. Mark this well. There is
never an exception. Cosmos is not run on making exceptions-it is
run on law, justice, and equality, called
"Absolute Harmony". Nothing shall be done for one that is not
done for all. Therefore, if one from the next
expression of life attempts to take you by the hand and solve
your problems, they are doing you and themselves a
karmic error. It means that both of you have lost the view, or
perspective . of this thing called "continuous life".
only you and the Great Creative Intellect can know. see, and feel
as you do. No other individualized entity is exactly
like you. you are the product now of the causes you set in motion
thruout your endless past. You will become that
which you cause yourself to become out of your mental and
physical activity on this plane .

It's not difficult. Just lean back and tak( a long look at
eternal life. You can be whatever you desire to be. All
you have to do iE start now to become that. Certainly ittakes E
little doing. Do you learn to fly a jet in on( easy
lesson? Do you learn to become an artist the same week you buy a
gallon of paint and E dollar brush? Do you
become a mystic just be. cause you have one or more of your
spiritual sense organs partly awake. Are you a "good'
person just because you tithe and give dollarE to the less
fortunate, when you have a cent'E worth of hate, gossip,
greed, lust, or fear ir your own conscious- subjective mind? Only
yot know the right answers.

Sit down and have a friendlychat with yourself tonight and every
night. Smile. Look into your Heaven for a
change. It is not hard to do this when you know what Heaven is -
that Perfect state of consciousness in
which you are in full realization of your at-one-ment with
Perfect Harmony, the Divine
Creative PresenceSource.

Visit with God. Don't you see, you can never be alone! You are an
atom of God. God thru
you expresses Itself; otherwise you would not be. In the
beginning you were tossed out so as
to evolve and become like the Source from which you came. There
is never a time when you can
say with honesty, " I am doing this ", or I did this". You are
never alone. It is always WEPP

And remember that God never short-cbanges anyone, for by doing
so, it would mean
shortchanging God.

Try not to get so excited about valueles! things; they are
momentary. Things of valu( are
those that will have meaning 10,30, 0~ 100 years from now.
Discipline your mind an, have
health, happiness, or whatever you want Embody the truth that is
touched upon in thes(
remarks, and the atoms of truth will expand b) chain reaction to
become the power and force
to set you free from your self -imposed bondage . (From Dr.
Crawford's Projected book, "I STAID
C0RR90T9D11, to be published early in 1962).

JULY-AUGUST, 1961 T h e fl B E R R E E