Volume 8, Issue 4, page 12

This feature is open to readers who can do and do do things that
are not readily explained by orthodox behavior
patterns. Here you'll find no skeptics when you relate incidents
of telakinesis, pthought reading, teleportation, use of
th . endulum, dowsing, automatic writing, prescience, use of the
Ouija board, etc How did you do it? When did you
start? o~ discover you were "different"? Can you help others
duplicate your feats?.Maybe your "facts" will prove
nothi'ni -except that so-called science-fiction

writers are kidding somebody--maybe only the editors of so-called
*science-fictionO books.

MOTHER TALKS TO HER UNBORN SON I am an airman's wife, 17 years of

A few months ago, I read DIANETICS, and it made some sense to me,
especially about prenatal influence. Also,
I learned about the communication formula from my neighbor, Mrs.
Alberta Elliott. How you talk directly to a part
of the body, and not about its condition to someone else.

I believe that the body consists of live cells, and that when a
part is hurt, it wants to be soothed.

My first experience with this method was with myself. I had a
very bad pain in my side. My doctor told me it
was a cyst on the ovaries. My husband was in Europe. While I was
waiting to make an appointment with the doctor
at the Air Base, Mrs. Elliott offered to give me what she
called"an assist". in no time the pain was gone, and that
afternoon when I went to the doctor, he said my trouble seemed to
have cleared. This was proof enough for me.

My second experience was when I worked with a bad burn on my
little finger. I communicated with it, and the
next day there was hardly a trace of the burn

I recently me; another airman's wife who was carrying her first
baby. Her husband was in Europe and her family
lived far away. I told her about communicating with her baby. She
loved the idea, but at first when she tried it, we
would both laugh. Sometimes she would say, "Hey! he responded,"
and we'd I augh some more .

When I first met this friend, she looked old and had circles
under her eyes. When she started talking to her baby,
the last month and a half, she brightened up, and the baby seemed
more alive

On March 13 ;he called me at midnight to pick her up. I took her
to the hospital. They prepared her, and I guess
gave her a tranquilizer. During our wait for the birth, I asked
her if she didn't want to tell me exactly what the pain
was like as it came. It seems that as you describe apain exactly,
the pain subsides. At least, that was the way it was
with me and my cyst.

At first she said, "This is silly", but then of her own accord
she started telling me exactly what she was
experiencing, even emotionally. She also would talk to the baby '
telling him what his Daddy was like, what she
was like, and what kind of a world this wassuch as what kind of
trees we have, flowers, and what beautiful things he
would gee and do ' and that we loved him. As s he went on, she
seemed to loosen up a great deal, and as the pains
came. they did not seem as sharp as before. After a pain she
would laugh and joke, but maybe this was to keep from

This mother really wanted her baby; maybe this helped too.

Before the birth, one nurse came into the room and asked us what
we were doing. The mother said, "I am talking
to my baby." The nurse held her head and said, "Oh, what crazy
people," and went out and reported to the others.

Crazy or not, the mother came thru the ordeal tired, but happy.
She saw the baby's head appear, lapsed into
unconsciousness for a second or two. saw the cord cut, then
lapsed again, and saw them hold up her son.

12 The f1B

The baby came at 6:05, in six hours. He came with a lusty cry.
When they brought him out of the delivery
room. he didn't look all screwed up. He had a calm, peaceful look
in his little face, as if he were glad it was all over.
He slept right away.

This baby seems to be a very happy child. He has no need of
anything but feeding and sleeping. I feel this i s
due to the condition of his mother before birth, and his being
talked with and soothed before and during birth.

I believe a child can be conditioned for this world. In pain. I
believe he would be strained, or an upset child. If he
is communicated with and somewhat prepared. I believe he will
come not as frightened or angry with the world.

Oddly enough - or maybe not so oddly - when the father returned,
and the mother tried to describe what she and I
had done. he called me and told me that he didn't appreciate my
filling his wife's head with such ideas. in fact, he
more or less told me not to mention such things around her again.
The idea of talking to the unborn baby was so

Wonder what MY husband will say when I tell him. -- Mrs. Leonard
Baggie, Greenvi Ile, S. Car.



In the late spring of 1957, 1 was visiting my friend Bea, who I
ived not too far from our
house in Northridge, Calif. Bea's house in Sepulveda was
surrounded by lovely grounds, with a
large swimming pool just off the back porch.

This day, I had two grandchildren with me, and was watching them
swimming around in the
pool. I had an uneasy feeling-- not about the children, because
both were excellent swimmers -
-but something was not right.

The day was very warm, not a cloud in the sky. We had lunch, but
I just picked at it. Bea
asked me what was wrong--I was so pale and sort of jittery. For
no reason at all, I felt as
if flames were licking all around me. I looked at the house, and
it was going up in flames; a
jet airliner was tangled in the wires overhead. I jumped up and
let out a yell at the kids to
come at once, shouting, "Ran for your livesl We are surrounded by
flames. The jet hit the

The neighbors came out. Bea had me by the arm and was shaking me.
The children were
crying. while I shouted, "Give me your jewelry. your clothes, and
make a run for it, or it
will be too late. My car ... my dog in the car ... hurryl Hurryl"
By this time, the yard was
filled with neighbors, and I heard someone