Volume 8, Issue 4, page 15


"May I say that the response of your readers is gratifying, and
that your readers seem to be far more intelligent,
alert, and cosmically capable than are the readers of most
publications in this country...

"I notice that many persons have become quite disturbed in regard
to the situations in Africa, Cuba, and Laos, but
I can see no war for the U.S.A. this year. Most of the present
action is caused by a form of 'gang warfare', and is
unworthy of attention. It must be remembered that the leaders of
most'enemyl countries are good friends on a
personal basis ; this is why the headquarters of the 'enemy ' are
never destroyed in modern warfare. Learn to
completely ignore the news reports of these situations, their
importance is greatly exaggerated to sell newspapers ,
to stimulate the economy, and to divert the attention of the
people from their own problems to those of Laos.
Africa, the Moon, etc.

"During World War I, the British press ran wild with
atrocitystories concerning the Kaiser of Germany. After the
war was over, the British public demanded a trial of this
so-called monster. No trial was held, because most of the
stories turned out to be complete lies.

"The American public is in need of, and is entitled to, peace of
mind. It would be wise indeed to turn off those
radio stations, and to stop buying those newspapers, which
continually focus attention on propaganda concerning
Africa, Laos, Russia, Red China, war, crime, murder, rape, etc.
Many wonderful events are occurring daily;
concentrite on the good things in your own life, and completely
ignore all propa


ganda and 'news stories' that, are crammed down your throat."
-Herb Blackschleger, Sun Valley, Calif. E) 0 0

"I got around to reading 'Hypnosis Victims0bey Will, Not Words',
by Dr. Crawford.

"Our experiences discluse additional factors not even entertained
by hypnotists To date we have not been abie to
get accredited hypnotists to appraise our findings or sit in at
our sessions.

"Several years ago I ordered a lady, in deep sleep, to put her
hands around my neck and choke me to death. This
took place in a judge's chamb e r, w i t h I awye rs, newsmen ,
radio, and T-V reporters. She readily complied and
shortly had me gasping for breath. Suddenly her hands relaxed and
fell to her sides. I asked her sharply, 'Why don't
you obey my orders"'

"She droned, 'It is against the will of God and conscience f or
one Person to kill another.'

"The lady remained in deep sleep and knew nothing of what had

"At a later date, we were informed by 'K', our Heaven World (H.
W. I friend, that it was his hands and arms in
hers which gripped my throat and he rel axed his grip when he
thought the necessary effect had been produced.

"My reason for putting on this stunt was to prove that one person
cannot completely control another, and the
socalled hex or spell is largely nonexistent.

"tKp also informed us that discarnate entities frequently stel)
in and take part in hYPnotic sessions, performing
some of the acts and volunteering answers; that it is they who
step in (as in our episode) to prevent excesses.

"If some accredited hypnotists, readers of The ABERREE , find
themselves in or near Milwaukee, we would
gladly demonstrate our contention.

"I want to fill in on the details surrounding thechoking episode.
To break an impasse in a $20,000 suit against
me 'for having placed a hex on another man's wife', it was agreed
to drop the case if I would unhex (?) her.

"In agreement with the plaintiff and his lawyer, the judge
ordered me to connand the lady to love her husband.
This I positively refused to do, saying, supposing there was no
love between them previously, then my command
would place her under a hex to her husband.' They agreed to my


suggestion that 'she return to the relationship with her husband
that existed before they knew Jacob'. (They did
return to their previous status of arguing and scrapping, which
eventually led to separation and divorce.)

"Spiritualists dislike us because we expose frauds. But we do not
know why investigators (Attention: Belk
Research) avoids us.'~--Jacob and Rose APsel, Milwmkee, Wis.

0 E)

"The writi%gs of Lowana Julaine seem to have ended... and there
may be those who will pass them o v e r 1
ightly and still seek the 'only ways', There are no such 'only
ways', in the mystical or the occult; they are but
spokes in a wheel . I write this out of investigation of several
schools, all of which I have now left, but to any to
which I could return. But I've no need of them , for as St. Paul
Apollonius wrote: 'I have run my race, I have
finished my course, I have kept the faith'. Whether or not the
last line of that saying will come true, I've yet to find
out . .. There does come a time, or perhaps a whole incarnation,
where a person of sincere aspiration toward
Divinity must walk alone, and this is no figment of the
imagination, or jargon of peddlers of the Master's Goods. It
is a fact. T his period of time , I o n g , all too often . meets
everyone, an d during that time it will seem that even
God has forsaken them...

"Lowana Julaine has given instruction in a few months that would
take near as many years in some quarters, and
has thus saved some perhaps quite a little, if they are wise.
Most of the rest of mysticism, if one wishes to call it
that, would do well to consider and follow the other writer,
Edith Faucett. After many schools and a great many
more years of investigation, the combination of t he s e two
writers just about sums up what most people would be
satisfied with (and what they'll get). Perhaps, because they have
given it, and it is without a price tag . some may be
foolish enough to think it of no value ...

"I would like to add a little thing more - the value of vowel
sounds and the use of colors, in conjunction with
what the two ladies have offered. There are sevent but two are
but variations of the other five. This is not so all -
important, tho the vibrations of sound and colors are. Why I
speak of this is because we have not understood some