Volume 8, Issue 4, page 20

"I'm Looking for Men and Women Who Want to Make Money
and Render a Genuine Service"

We have just released a new home study course that is going over
very well indeed. It is concise, to the point, and
devoid of nonsense. We know it will sell because we've
experimented with mail order, but now we are ready for
distributors. The course is set up attractively

Eight I essons (8% x 11) which open f 1 at. Four U records to add
a new dimension to the study. Ideal for
individual or group use

We are ready to set up competent distributors, and will back them
al I the way with sales aids and the benefit of our
experience. If you are interested, send complete resume of
yourself as well as the number of hours per week you will
be able to devote to the selling. If you have a study group, this
plan is ideal for YOU

you are. interested in part-time selling', ii perfect. Write to:

4609 Waverly


a t1w fikost (Spirl't) of Christmas

W %k %

This offer positively must end September 1. Two months-July and
August-is a long enough
Christmas season, even for ABERREE readers.

-The AB9RR99 staff ("Nim" a?1d "Her") wish you all a very merry,
Merry Christmasl

And while we're on the subject of Christmas, maybe you lucky
readers who have"found" The ABERREE have
some friends with whom you'd like to share your"luck". Or maybe
you have some chiseling neighbors who borrow
your copy even before you've had a chance to read more than one
or two letters and tbe"Commercials".

In either event, our Christmas gift to our readers is an
opportunity to send out-of-season Christmas gifts to their
friends (and chiselers) at half price. But, of course, we want to
be sure you don't reverse the thing and start
borrowing from them. So, as the side-show barker says, here's
what we're going to do.

You can renew. or extend, your own subscription to The ABERREE at
the regular price of $2.00 for one year.
and by adding only $1.00 for each, you can have the magazine sent
to as many friends as you send extra dollars.
(Example : $2.00 for your own subscription and$1.00 for one
friend, or $5.00 for five friends. or $100 for 100
friends (if you've got 100 friends who aren't now ABERREE
readers), and so on.) We'll let them know of your gift,
and who knowst theyeven may reward you in their wills, if they
don't discover thru the columns of The
ABERREE the secret of eternal existence, and never have a will

So. . . let's make everybody happy-YOU. your friends, and US. You
see, we're getting reckless, and just don't
care any more how big The ABERREE gets.