Volume 8, Issue 4, page 11

NGELS may dance on the head of a pin, but how many souls will fit
in a thimble?

All this controversy about heaven and hell, right and wrong, good
and bad, reminds me of a
story that my grandfather, Big Thunder, used to tell us when we
still were young enough to

When the Great Spirit had finished with the making of the worlds,
he was very well
pleased. and happy that he had balanced everything so perfectly.
For everything that he had
made, he also had made an opposite. There was light to balance
darkness, good to balance
evil, life and death were equal. - So was right and wrong. To
balance man, there was woman.

And of course, to balance the Great Spirit, there was what we call
Satan, who had many
names, and no name of his own

One day, Satan took a good look aro6d the kingdoms and decided
things weren't to the equal
of his liking. So he went to the Great Spirit and said, "You are a
very selfish God. You have
kept all the best for yourself."

The Great Spirit was puzzled. "How is this, that you think what I
have is best?"

"You have kept all the souls of man," Satan accused.

"And you think these are important. the Great Spirit asked.

Satan admitted that he thought a manos soul was the most important
thing God had made.

' 'Then go and borrow the tiniest thimble you can find, and you
can have all the souls you
can f it i n t o it, " the Great Spirit offered

Satan, sati~fied, went away happy.

Centuries Dassed. And an eternity. And


DOCTOR -- A few weeks on the couch, Miss Brown, and toe should be
able to tap your
subconscious andfind out what Is b o t hering you.

MISS BROWN--My subconscious ? Is that nearest what You're feeling
of, Doctor, or whati
you're looking at? "

Satan had no~ yet returned. Finally, after many ages, he once
again stood before the Great
Spirit. J'I have returned the thimble " he said.

':Oh!" said the Great Spirit.

"Yes, I did," answered Satan, "All this time I've tried to fill
the thimble, but there
were so many souls I had to give up."


"Well, I collected more souls than I could count, and they had not
yet begun to cover the
bottom. So I dumped them out again?"

"Then you did not think a man's soul is important?" the Great
Spirit asked.

Satan laughed. "That's your question.
You answer it." 0

After the expenditure of nine billion dollars, and the loss of 43
astronauts, on President
Kennedy's "all-out" space program, the following message was
radioed from one of the first
Americans to reach the moon:

"Attacked by wild Indians. Bill killed and scalped trying to trade
beads for Mare Crisium.
Arrow in side makes sending difficult. Next time, send gun. A

heard their tearful prayers when they were prisoners in Babylon.

The members of the committee had been instructed as to what was
needed, and went to work
on these Jewish scrolls. They deleted, distorted, interpolated,
mutilated, and manipulated
the scrolls, and prepared t h e Great Paper Idol which the Church
proudly proclaimed to be
the Inspired Word of God. Fo r a thousand years, to question the
claim meant to invite death
by burning.

One remarkable feature of this Great Paper Idol is the skillful
manner in which fact and
fiction were interwoven. We defy anyone to read one chapter, or
one paragraph, and find truth
or falsehood separately stated.

That was one reason why it to"o long to make the first draft of
the Idol. The work began
in 325 A.D. and-was not finished until early in the Fifth Century.
Every word, phrase , line,
sentence, and paragraph had to be considered with extreme care to
make the Idol most
favorable for the scheme of the Church. And the work of revision
and interpolation


continued for a thousand years, until stopped by the invention of
printing. Then, to hide the
facts, the ancient scrolls were destroyed and ancient libraries
were burned.

It is shocking to see supposedly intelligent. honorable men
deliberately lie, beguile, and
falsify in their efforts to make the duped, mind-conditioned
masses believe the Great Paper
Idol is the Inspired Word of God.

The Bishop of Manchester (Englandl writing in the Manchester

"The very foundation of our faith, the very basis of our hopes,
the very dearest of our
consolations are taken from us when one line of that sacred
volume, on which we base
everything, is shown to be untruthful and untrustworthy" (Bible
Myths by Doane, p. 171.

Each half-truth, each falsehood, in the Holy Bible is inseparably
connected with an
undeniable truth. and yet the true and the false are so
intricately and delicately interwoven
that it is impossible for the unprepared mind to separate one from
the other.

(Continued in the next issue)