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ORA IS the guide to consciousness. To turn to Zora for help is to
open a door to the Light of Intelligence.

To communicate best with Zora,. we must

visualize our desires. The picture we make is our petition and
the strength of our desire is the wings of our prayer.

Zora communicates thru pictures. Often Zora speaks to us in our
dreams. The analyzer is the conductor by which
the Two may communicate with Zora. The Two communicates mainly by

When we desire a thing strongly, we create pictures of that thing
in our minds. The more clearly we visualize
this desire, the better chance we have of realizing it. We must
be single minded in our desire. Zora can see the whole
picture and help arrange events to obtain 0 ur desires. The Two
operates on this three-dimensional level to cause the
effects he wishes. When the Two and Zora are agreed on a course
of action, and are both working towards the
realization of the same desire, then nothing can stop them. The
reasons that are behind the desire of the Two and the
acceptance of that desire by Zora may be very different. If,
however, Zora and the Two are in agreement, the desire
will become a reality.

We must truly understand that every cause we instigate carries in
it the seed of its effect. Zora may see all the
effects of any cause, but, unless we ask his help, Zora cannot
aid us, nor change the effect we have incited into
being. If we ask his help, and are prepared to accept the help he
gives, then he can help us choose the best course to
produce the effects most desired.

Because we are aware only of the analyzer, we tend to disregard
both the original (or Static) mind and the Iris (or
Zora) mind. The original mind moves on the emotional level .
Instinct is its strongest attribute. The Original mind
produces our fleshy desires and wants. We feel that what we want
is right. This is mainly because we have a vague,
unformed knowledge of the strength of directed desire. (It is too
bad that the word desire has long been equated with
sex. Desire means to want. The board (Ouija) has not supplied us
with an alternative word for desire, but I wish
such a word were given.us.)

The power of Zora may be unlocked to the use of mankind by the
use of the conductor. This conductor is in
existence between Zora and the analyzer, but is mostly unused,
due to the fact that the analyzer under the control of
the Two blocks out, censors, cuts off, and otherwise denies Zora
thoughts admission and existence in this plane of

This is a condition we must strive to correct. To re-educate the
analyzer to accept and transmit Zora thoughts i ' s
a long hard job. The results are worth every bit of time and
energy that we put into it. So often the Two assumes
complete control of the analyzer and shorts out the conductor to

Nine discussed a series of exercises which

can help us attain a better and more conscious use of this

Because we see with the eyes of the body, we see wrongly. Zora
does not use the body eyes to see. The physical
eyes are but a poor tool at best. Close your eyes and look for
radiant waves. You can see without eyes. Each and
every one can see with the Zora mind. When we learn to see with
the Zora mind, we will be in close
communication w i t h the universe of Zora. The Iris mind, the
Zora mind, is the eye of Zora. Think of it as the
light eye. This will aid in developing the use of the eye of
Zora. Close the body eyes and say to yourself, "I can see
the Light. I can see by the eye~of Zo ra. "

Some persons have some development in this direction. some donot.
It is there potentially for all, just waiting
for us to find and use it.

Ask in your mind to see the Light. It comes in a flash, when we
least expect it. Each time we get a flash of Zora
Light, then it is just a little easier to get the next one. To
have the Light you must help Zora. you can see best with
a blank mind and the body eyes closed.

We are not all alike. Some develop faster than others, but each
and every one of us can see with the Zora mind.

Here is an exercise Nine gave us.

"See that stove. Look at it with the body eyes. You cannot see
all of it. With the Zora eye you could see all of
it, both outside and in. Physical sight sees only the surface of
things. When you look at the stove with Zora sight,
you can see the stove entirely, and the wall behind it, or thru

Our eyes see pictures. If we see a lamp, we really see a picture
of a lamp. We see by reflection only. To know
more about a thing, we must touch it; then we think we know all
about it. To know the inside of an object, we
must take it apart, but we see only the surface of the inside
parts. Zora Light sees directly.

Nine says we cannot truly imagine a thing we have never seen, and
know ilj4t we are imagining. The
body and the Two-mind (the Static or original) has to use the
body senses to understand
anything. If a thing cannot be apprehended by o n e o r mo r e of
the five body senses. the
Two mind denies the existence of that thing. If you actually see
something you never have
seen before. you must some way connect it with a known object to
believe it.

When a man is thinking, he will sometimes rub his forehead. This
is a sign that the man is
trying to think clearly and get Zora Light. We have many such
signs and symbols, but have
forgotten their meaning.

Here is another exercise: Look at some object, then close the
body eyes and see it as a
picture in the mind. Now. make the mind blank and receptive, and
Zora will send a picture
back. (We did as we were told, but did not receive well. After
trying a second time, we did
better. Nine told us to practice this exercise every evening, and
we would develop.)

Nine suggested we hold our hands.before our faces, then shut our
eyes and try to see the
bones init. The bones looked white, or to some of us dark, and
the flesh was like a halo. We
asked why we were able to do this one so well, when wedid the
other exercise so poorly. Nine
answered: "Because the body is close to the Two, who likes the
body and so does not try to
block this exercise as he does the others. All this shows you
that you can see Zorawise."
Nine also told us to look at the back of our heads with our eyes
closed. our results were not
so good as before.

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