Volume 4, Issue 2, page 16

and that tills organism (symulosis e-h
of specialized cells not capable _,
of individual life but still dependent anon the germ cell for v
its existence) is very busy these
days trying to launch itself into When we focu
space and 'reach' the other plan- a subject, the
ets(possibly further and extend- and analyzed
ed environment for Life)? This is the Quab
"That said organism has a deep The joker is
seated conviction that its Crea- never divides
tor and the 'world of immortality' two people. So,
is within itself? well to divide
"That part and parcel of the to allow our at
extensions of this conviction is
that said organism has a Heavenly The Church
Home somewhere in the sky? reason is to be
"That Noah (or Noe, or Coxcox, is why it rease
or Deucalion, or Khasisatra) goes
with pairs of all possible ani- "I Am" is t
mals (vide embryology and genet- integration.
ics of the human animal) into an
ark, floats upon the waters and
re-peoples the earth after the we would bring
deluge -- and even Deucalion, who conditions. Phi
throws 'stones' behind him to make the observer is
men -- may be a figure of this per- and physics is
petuation of the human species? cerned about wha
"A 'degraded' idea? Not neces- The matter is w
sarily, unless creativity is con- ter, whether co
ceded to be a degraded act -- in consciously, eh?
which case, what has Jehovah got ott, D.Scn., Ere
left? It being possible to iden-