Volume 7, Issue 1, page 14

God is in Heaven, so if God is
within us and also in Heaven,
then Heaven is also within us,
even tho indirectly stated.
This according to the words of
"In the Bhagavad Gita, we
are told that Draupadi and the
Pandovas made a pilgrimage up
the heights of the Himalayas
to the 'Abode of God'. Only
Yudhisthira and his faithful
dog arrived in 'Heaven' in
their physical bodies. T h e
rest died and entered 'Heaven'.
Here the 'Abode of God' and
'Heaven' are synonymous , and
the location is atop the Himalayas.
"This, however, is all allegory. The Himalayas represent
the spiritual mountains attained in meditation of spiritual truths and by following
the High Road to God. Even here,
'Heaven' is a mental -- a 'within' condition. Yudhisthira refused to enter Heaven without
his dog and the dog turned out
to be Dharma himself. Yudhisthira also elected to remain
in the 'Pit of Hell ' with h i s
brothers and wife, for to him
that was Heaven -- and with this
decision, it actually became
"Nothing is impossible with
the creative power of the mind.
We create our own Heavens and
"'Thou shalt also decree a
thing and it shall be established unto thee!' (Job 22-28.)
If we 'decree' there are no
Masters, we will find none -- we
have so decreed. Also, vice
versa. Who is right and who is
wrong? I am right and you are
wrong because I know what I
see and hear. But you know I
am wrong because you have never
seen or heard of such things.
In fact, what you have seen
and heard proves that I am
"Tolerance and reason will
some day lead us all to reality. Someone has said that all
roads lead to Rome. All roads
lead to Heaven, to Mastery
(call it what you will). Some
roads go around, others go
straight thru." -- Russell F.
Jones, Ramona, Calif.
"As an editor you must be
enjoying the hornet's nest you
have stirred up by publishing
Dr, Coulter's piece about the
covertly hypnotic structure of
Scientology. Now, switching my
metaphors, I shall pour another gallon of gasoline on the
fire by remarking that Idella
Stone's piece in your Jan-Feb.
issue reminds me of the fable
about the three blind men who
went to investigate the elephant; one grabbed hold of the
elephant's tail and yelled, ages a great this-is-it Scien'Aha, an elephant is a rope.' bonga, boom boom bonga! bonga!
The second ran slambang into and getting his tithe of roast
the elephant broadside, rubbed pig, or what-have-you -- for a
his head, and said, 'You're while. But it really all will
nuts, an elephant is a wall !', end, eventually." -- Volney G.
while the third got hold of Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.
the elephant's is trunk and