Volume 7, Issue 1, page 15

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Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. 61-3 Homeopathy and Hobby magazines.

Send stamped, self-addressed en- ...WE HAVE EXAMINED THE BODY'', by
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Puts a real lustre shine on the -- TTó Publications, 120 Kenmar Dr., Newthetan! Maybe it gets to the soul ï LEVELS OF LIVING -- A large, col- ark, Delaware. 54-tf
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does it! Anyway, it sells for $12 better life. Correlates informa- 8-8008 lectures on Scientology
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ufacture of blood from gonadic
secretions? I fear my biochemistry is the archaic sort. I
make blood out of bone marrow
and liver. But perhaps I wrong
Mr. Katzen. He nowhere claims
to be a human being. My own
viewpoint is like that of Wilhelm Reich and of Volney Mathison; what we need is not less
sexuality, but more, Coulter --
Art has a sticky problem. He's
trying to be comprehensive,
fair, agreeable, polite, partisan, and disapproving at
once -- and does a pretty good
job with it. The Stone answer
is what is meant by a semantic
block. Also a signal reaction
and some reality distortion...
Mathison -- I only wish he'd
smooth out his terminology a
little! Such tongue-wrenchers
as 'selfhypnotherapy' will not
is `eatnerñlight, handñmade,
urtcuched by machinery. My
40 years of Spiritual
search is placed at your
disposal. In addition to
full instructions, including cautions not given by
others, any questions that
arise thru its use will be
answered by mail free.

Send $2.00 to
2436a N. First Street
Milwaukee 12, Wis.

APRIL, 1960
only induce shortness of breath ters either. I find Experts...
in English-speaking prospects, "You know, it sort of rebut should be worth much dam- laxes the cerebrum to voyage
age to his mail order business. adrift thru faery realms f orSuch expressions give a false- lorn -- or is it foresworn. Evly complicated and pompbastic ery day I wrest and twiddle at
miasma to what's really a sim- demoniacally intricated conple, straightforward psycho- catenations of interpersonal
therapy system. John Dobbs -- on situations, usually involving
Clark. If Clark's be twaddle wildly intractable and ambivaand Dobb's be not, then what lent people, about half of whom
we need is, in my hirsutely are trying to do themselves in
carnal opinion, more articles and the other half unoeriodidressed in intellectual twad- cally take a whack at me. But
dling clothes. In some circles, after all, it's my career; I
Dobbs's 'intellectual twaddle' picked it; and after awhile it
has another name: 'deductive becomes obvious why it isn't
logic', and is well thought of overcrowded." -- Fred Hand,Housby carnal entities. Russell ton, Tex.

Jones -- The point is still moot ß ß ß
as to whether Jacob Apsel has "Some time ago I received a
not found a Master, or if a bottle of E/F (Exultation of
Master has not found him. Im- Flowers). I used it but it
aginably each flees the other didn't help me much because
till each bursts from adjacent there wasn't anything wrong
thickets and they bang heads. with me. But I have a cocker
This is called 'a meeting of spaniel female, about 10 years
minds'. But in fact, Apsel's old. This fall she got someposition is clear by this time. thing wrong with her left hind
He means there aren't any Mas- leg, and if she tried to jump
ters on Earth or off of it, a up on her hassock, or bed, she
view expressed several years would howl in pain, and I had
earlier by Buddha -- and it prob- to carry her up and down the
ably wasn't original with him, basement stairs, and so forth.
either. Since readers often Finally, I thought of E/F and
find Apsel's prose as opaque began putting it into her food
as mine, let me repeat that and water. Of all the miralast. Jacob Apsel is not look- des, in a couple days she was
ing for a Master. His point is all over her pains, and got
that one 'must work out his more frisky every day. I conown salvation with diligence', tinued the treatments, and now
as it says in Buddha's fare- she dashes around like she did
well sermon. I agree with Ap- when she was a pup." -- Dr. Marsel on this. I don't find Mas- cus Fite, Kellogg, Idaho.