Volume 7, Issue 1, page 10

∂ We thought it was going
to be a wonderful Winter -- even
a bit too warm for Oklahoma.
Trees were beginning to bud,
and Luciouss (censored).. And
this in January, too. But that
was before the French got into
the bomb-testing act with a
blast over the Sahara. Of
course, it was a coincidence.
Bombs can't possibly change
the weather pattern, no matter
how much intense heat they
generate in upper air stratas.
We have the considered a n d
honest opinion of many military moguls that the only damage bomb tests can do is to
our national budget, and since
it's all money our grandchildren owe anyway, what's there
to fear? However, as we write
this , several inches of ice
and snow cover the ground -- an
accumulation of three weeks'
sub-freezing misery. "Oldtimers " who've been boasting
about the whoppers back when
they were kids are silenced as
the snow piles up faster than
statistics . (You'd think they
themselves did all that snowing and colding, wouldn't you?)
Anyhow, how's the weather
where you are -- all you who've
been looking for Spring to arrive at its appointed time?
Nice , hunh ? .. .

We wish we could -- like
the bloody prize-fighter who
staggered to the microphone --
say, "It was a tough fight, Maw ,
but we won". However, at this
writing, it looks like they've
found a new market for waste
fluorine -- Enid's water supply.
The Ed. & Pub. got into the
fight with both feet -- but it
takes more than feet to beat
down a bevy of determined doctors and dentists, who just
can't seem to be satisfied
with letting people manage
their own lives and health.
At present, a confused City
Commission has "taken the matter under advisement", which
means they've either had too
much pressure put on them , or
not enough. In the meantime,
we think it about time to promote a law, making it illegal
for anyone to open their mouths
when more than two persons are
present -- which should do a lot
to stop paid "spellñbinders "
from their campaigns of mass
hypnosis . It 'd be a bit tough
on Congress and State Legislatures , maybe , but think how
much better it would be if
elected representatives could
consider possible laws without
being subjected to long hours
of yak-yak by forensic mountebanks. Also, just think -- people could go to churches and
commune with their God in
peace with no bellering of
platitudes from the pulpit. In
fact, come to think of it, such
a law has a lot to recommend
it. Maybe it's worth a try...
11 From much or what we've
heard of Subud, we've privately likened it, in the field of
mysticism, to w h a t the socalled "holy rollers" are to
orthodox religion. However, as
some of our hard-headed, unemotional friends begin investigating and indorsing Subud, we think maybe we should
be a bit more charitable . The
latest to shake our skepticism
comes from Raymond Scharpen
who for so many years was an
auditor/psychoanalyst in Albuquerque. Now, he's chairman of
Subud Los Angeles, and is quite
enthusiastic about it. Since
Ray handles words well, we've
asked him to define Subud a
bit more understandably t h a n
most contributors and writers
have been able to do -- and this
includes J. G. Bennett . Altho
Ray, like most us, is a
very busy man , we're certain California, and will continue
many of our readers would ap- thru June, July, and August to
preciate what he might have to other points where he may be
say on the subject ... invited . There are no strings
Someone has written Louis, to his offer to visit sincere
asking him where they could seekers -- and no charge. But
contact "Daro ", a "mentalist" those who want to see "I See'
who once played vaudeville had better get their bids in
back in the days when actors soon, because he has to outwere meant to entertain in- line an itinerary. His address
stead of separate commercials. is P. 0. Box 21, Morristown,
Ordinarily , s u c h a question Arizona ...
would be easier than trying to ∂ Last month, we complained
cross a street , but in this that no one had contributed to
instance, when Louis does the "This Is What Happened"
whatever he does to get an- featureóand apparently more
swers, he draws a blank. So, he persons read our complaints
appeals to the readership of than they do our invitations.
The ABERREE. If you know where Anyhow , we have received sev" Daro " can be located, or if eral usable experiences -- but
"Daro " happens to be a sub- to our embarrassment, the page
scriber under a different name, containing some of them was
would you send his/your ad- forced into " overset " at the
dress to Louis? And"Daro", if last moment. But don't go 'way ,
you're among those no longer folks, and keep 'em coming.
present, drop in on Jacob Ap- It makes it easier for us when
sel and "Little One " some eve- we can work up material two or
ning , and tell them what hap- three -- maybe more -- months in
pened, and when. (You can't advance. This way, should we
even die an d get away from want to take a few days off to
ABERREE readers. They're all pick cherries, or shovel snow,
over the Universe.)∂ A n d or rush a printing job out for
speaking of Louis, he says he someone who was late getting
already has started receiving their copy in, it doesn't jeoinvitations for his summer's pardize The ABERREE's mailing
tour which starts in May in date quite so much...

The A B E R R E E APRIL, 1960
" I don 't agree with a damned
thing anybody writes for you
since I am a student of "Zero"
but I can't maintain a very
high opinion of myself unless
I have some yardstick for comparison. The ABERREE provides
me the data I need to continually remind me that I'm
pretty sane." -- Daniel Green,
Pittsburgh, Penn.
(ED. NOTE -- You mean, The
ABERREE causes you to take
yourself serious) ? Or are you
in the lyin' den?)
"You should be arrested for
refusing to avail yourself of