Volume 7, Issue 1, page 6

the [Insetting Sun

THEN YOU see, thru the naked eye,
that the sun has just set below
the horizon, look at it thru a
telescope. It has not yet set.
After the sun has set to the eye
of that telescope, look at it thru
a stronger one. It still has not
set. Repeat the experiment with a
still more powerful eye. The sun
has still not set below the horizon. Only in the darkness of the night
does the sun go out of sight.

The sun, said the ancient Greeks, is a
helix, so they called it Helios. Helical
is its motion. An ordinary screw thread
is a helix that screws its way at an
angle of a few degrees. Now, picture a
screw thread having a 360-degree spherical angle. That is the screwball path of
the sun.

In the northern hemisphere, the sun
moves up to the right and when it reaches
its height, it continues to spiral still

The sun's height is the point where the sun
begins to fall in perspective. The sun rises
as it approaches the eye. It begins to fall in
perspective when it starts to recede from the
eye. When the sun is so far away from the observer that it falls below the vanishing point
of his eye, it has set to that eye. An eye
that has a longer range sees a later sunset.
The fall in perspective is great enough to
overcome the actual rise.

Light is a super-deceiver. The s u n n sets
only in perspective. 0
The original sin was physical manifestation,
which was the division or disintegration of
zero, schizmatizing into the life state. For

was at some time in life replaced by a
complete consciousness. This cons9iousness is one in which the many half-consciousnesses or self-consciousnesses occur
somewhat in the manner of dreams, except
that the analogy should not be pressed
too far.

In this way, some of the primitive men
and women might have been far wiser than
our most distinguished scientists and
philosophers today. This answers the obvious question as to how Jesus and the
Buddha, for examples, would be compared
to the "advanced" men from the distant
solar system. Unless these " advanced " men
had gained this insight by true humility,
they would be only technologically superior but in wisdom greatly inferior. If
they had this wisdom, they would be equal
to all those now and previously who also
had it, even tho their technology was
fantastically superior.

Parenthetically, I might add that most
people can acquire this wisdom-insight
with the assistance of one who himself or
herself has it.

We are involved (as the whole universe
has always been and always will be) in
what could be called a space-time episode. Our visitors would of course also
be involved in this. The only way out
(since the wisdom-insight is not enough)
is to leave space, time, and existence.
We dread to do this, and dread the word
expressing our release. The word is

What we fear with the distant visitors
is that they should be like us only more
so, technologically advanced, ethically
backward, especially as for no particular
reason, millions of people in various
parts of this earth are on the verge of
burning and half-burning one another. We
have advanced beyond the animal kingdom.
We are not vermin.

We are insane humans.
this, there is no better cure than the integrating cold bath. In the Apocrypha, Adam and
Eve prayed to God standing in water. The totality of total baptismal immersion in cold
water, especially of infants, has been a beneficial universal religious rite ever since.
Even in modern times, schizophrenics are
treated with the cold bath, which, by the way,
is also anti-hypnotic.
Men and women are just fit to be tied.
If the huge fissures recently discovered in
our ocean beds encircling the globe, and the
frequency and intensity of earthquakes in
these latter days are any indication, then our
"terra is not so firma".
Ghosts are integrees who have not completed
their integration; that is, they are not totally dead.
From figuring we can get only more figures.
l f You Have Enough
Telescopes, Could
You Keep Helios
Up Forever?
Try It
6 The R B E R R E E APRIL, 1960