Volume 2, Issue 3, page 19

on the subject of Ouijaballs, wasn1 t that one being
used in the picture on Page
10 of AKELIT'f MINOR 4?...If
Jim welos's "Controlling
Beauty" does to readers what the picture on the
cover of the book illustrates, we're going to hogtie the. publisher to it for
whatever time Jim thinks
may be necessary. And the
N?ub., Sec., Etc." has simliar ideas regarding I. Ed,
but even if we had a beautiful figure, we couldn't
look half as attractive as
Jim's Cover Girl with our
duds off...

The Roobinsons -- iglu and
Hazel -- are now in the twocar class. After picking up
a "near" used auto, thought
of losing the old car got
so unbearable that, almost
before the ink had dried on
the transfer papers, they
went to the dealer and
bougt the old one back...

Inc entally, John's writing
a new book, slanted toward
persons who know little or
nothing about Dianetics or
Scientology. Light on theory and long on exercises
to get people into "practice at being well" instead
of catering to their aches
and aberrations...Jim Pinkham, since his divorce from
the Hasites, has shaved the
hirsute parenthesis from
his upper lip. There are
those who say he looks real
pert, too... Albert Ruffstickler, once a part of
the Dianetic scenery in
Phoenix, is in the Army's
medical corps, and after a
training period, expects to
be sent to Puerto Rico for
an 18 onth assignment. It
should be interesting to
learn how someone knowing
Dianetics can clean out the
"gold brick" ward of a military camp...
i writer C.F.Evans continnes giving us jawbreaking ,words each time he
catches us at our evening
meal, we're going to reciprocate with "sucosendeous".

And we won't even lend hina
The ABE, June, 1955
the beautiful new unexpurgated webster's we suspect
Phil Friedman sent us from
Pittsburgh, Penn ... In, "
thololew,who thought a week
or two of the new course in
Phoenix all he could take,
was in Enid hunting a preclear or two. But since he
arrived during the Tri-state
Band Festival, and the air
was saturated with circus
music (See Page 119 of the
Clinical Notes), no one in
the city could be found at
the pre-clear level...Helen,
O'Brien has sent graduates
of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course a book of notes
selected from the lectures
given her former students.

It's a beautiful job of
lithography, and, Since we
feel that the Doctorate
course was Dr. Hubbard's
greatest contribution to
Scientology, those who didn't take the course from
the Philadelphia Foundation
may well regret that the
Notebook is plainly marked:
"Not for sale".

Edward- fulmer, of Sussex,
England, whose "Six Poems"
on Scientology was reviewed
in the May ARA, got at
least one order for the book
from this review. However,
the would-be purchaser forgot to enclose any money...

If you want to know what Al
Smith, Albert Einstein, and
other ex-mortals are doing
now, you'll have to read
the fine print section of
the ABILITYs. Our staff has
instructions to report only
on persons who are doing
things under the labels they
"wear" today...Tkey Stone's
latest issue of "The FLASH"
was a bit in the valence of
The - praising the
most of Scientology yet
condemning some of the organizational policies that
reflect sadly on the ability of the "science" to do
what we often have seen it
do -- when used. Ikkey, by the
way, is seeking a new name
for her training and processing center in Pasadena.
[-"Meters Will Get

Wider DistribtAion
The E-Meter (Electropsychometer), which until a
few months ago was almost
the "badge" of the competent auditor, shortly will
be placed on the market on
a competitive basis, Volney
Mathison, inventor, of Los
Angeles, has revealed. The
73 patent claims, granted
and pending, he says, and
covering hundreds of possible models and designs, are
being placed in a patent
service pool and the circuitry made available to
"any, competent manufacturer
on a non-exclusive basis".

Already, Volney says, one
license has been issued to
the International Equipment
Corp., which is expected to
manufacture a line of instruments virtually identical to those produced in
Volney's own factory.

This placing of E -- meters
on the market on a competitive basis may help to correct two situations -- - the
fear of "loyal" Hasites to
use the instrument in their
auditing because of the ban
placed on their use by the
Phoenix organization, and
the high prices asked by
the Concept Therapy Institute, which recently took
over exclusive distribution
of the instrument.

Mathison, in announcing
the patent-pool, also disclosed that he is dissatisfled with so-called classes
it Electropsychometry that
have been conducted throughout the country, and probably will organize classes
under his own organization.

These may be conducted by
Mark L. Gallert, whose work
with the E-Meter and writ.
ings on the subject, are
widely known among therapists.