Volume 7, Issue 1, page 7

Beingness Precedes Knoingness
VERY Few First Graders Can
By WAYNE TRUBSHAW Start Out as College Seniors
N THE process of learning, a little at
a time is given so that confusion and
frustration will not retard the education. In the process of conditioning man thru incarnation after incarnation, all characteristics enlivening every emotional facet had to be
expressed. With the alternation of
sexes, the male and the female qualities were developed by experiences
and states of being for a final purpose,
the bisexual fusing of these two great
forces without which no creation is possible.

As the emotional clouds die down by
being transfor(ged into higher frequency
divine energies, man becomes aware of the
why he has been and what he is now, with
deceptive reflective vibrations no longer
registering to excite outer recognitions
and desires that have outlived their usefulness.

So, we might say that to all men things
must be done so that in the final conclusion, man himself shall be able to do all
things. For one does not know how to love
until he has first hated; otherwise he
would not know the meaning of love. Likewise, one must first be sick before an
appreciation of well-being is born, for
wellness with no opposite to compare to
is boring inertia.

Blindness and frustration then are the
grateful ancestors of perception and the
infinite wisdom of True Intelligence. But
turmoil, and the turbulence of soul, is
the mothering tate of us all, the "all"
in the true sense of all. In this turbulent womb of earthly visitation, the Divine Conception is achieved, and with the
turmoil of gestation, or labor finished,
the True Son, or state of Self, is born.

To the physical identity, black is
black and white is white; day is day and
night is night -- but to the newly-born
from the embryo of Truth, no difference
is there to either case, for either day
or night, the True Light of Wisdom glows
incessantly and constant.

Seemingly, then, for no apparent reason, one becomes fed up with the limiting
confines of the pseudo-factual reasons of
physical man, for the continued state of
which there is no obvious reason. Consequently, those who would cement and bind
fast one truthful concept after another
merely to have a so-called tangible basis
from which to work, must necessarily miss
the numerous fellow concepts that fluidically flow in increasing numbers, while
they are engaged in the congealment of
the spearheaded one or two.

If Intelligence of the True Mind were
dependent upon the so-called reasoning
abilities of man for its expression, time
would indeed run out of itself, with no
thing achieved, for by what reasoning
process does food digest in the body and
follow unerringly its destined travel into
building and strengthening within? Or by
what mental quirk of the esteemed brilliant brain is a child conceived in the
womb of its parent state? Let us be reasonable then and instead of merely proclaiming this state of mysterious powers,
realize fully that innate Intelligence
and the recognized reasoning ability of
physical man are as far apart as the
poles; for, Intelligence already is what
reason strives and labors to comprehend
or become.

Just as the mother, when laboris over,
gives birth to a child, so do we, when we
cease the labor of mental gymnastics, give
birth to Intelligence. ;When the physical
aspect of mental labor and stress is deliberately cast aside, we begin to function smoothly and intelligently without
stress or strain.

Therefore, we come into a knowing that the
trouble with mankind is his recognition of
trouble and expectation of laboring difficulty;
we also reach an awareness that to understand
God -- and the purpose of this Divine state -- we
must approach the subject with our own Godgiven Intelligence, which functions on t h e
same level as the Real State.

But to try and comprehend the Infinite with
the finite mental processes is like a first
grade child trying to understand the academic
assignments of a college senior, admitting, of
course, this is a poor comparison as both the
first grader and the college student function
from the same principle, whereas the limited
mentality and Intelligence do not.

As the scientist does not try to measure
the distance to the moon with a yardstick, let
us become aware that the yardstick of physical
mentality cannot measure the scope of our
innate Intelligence that is functioning, not
to mention the far greater portion of this Intelligence that is potential and not as yet
manifested into action.

Man's awakening to an awareness that he has
an intelligent area constantly functioning far
superior to what he formerly believed to be
intelligence has been a slow process, but thru
some of thedelvings into the nature of emotional blocks he has found in himself abilities to know that needed no scholastic priming.

Associating these new found perceptive
abilities with the intelligence that built his