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published at Enid, Okla., U.S.A. Volume 1, Number 5

We Did It To Ourselves -- Nobody Did It for Us


(A nom de plume in Scientology is a name you use to write about yourself when you don't want your readers to know you're writing about yourself.)

Some say Alphia Hart is stubborn. If they are kinder, or want something from him, they say he's persistent.

About 24 1/2 years ago, the Rev. Hart bought the idea that everyone has at least ONE novel in his system. So he wrote a novel. Editors were of one mind; if there was a novel in Dr. Hart (then Mr.)

(It's all on Pg. 6)

Out of the West - CAME the DAWN

"An Invitation to Freedom" has been sent to 5,000 homes in the Phoenix area as the opening shot in "Operation Phoenix", a direct mail campaign with the aim of expanding knowledge of and promoting Scientology.

The "Invitation", which is made up in the form of a magazine called THE GOLDEN DAWN, stresses the religious angle of Scientology, and assures the reader

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How ESPY Is a Clear? a 'Black V?'

Results of an extrasensory perception test, made of delegates to the June Congress in Phoenix, show an average of 1.875, slightly under the national average of 2.0, according to figures released by Fred Frank HDA, who made the test.

Frank, who used a machine with the standard ESP cards, sees no significance in the delegates' failure to exceed, or even equal, the average. "I would say there were an awful lot of resisters," Frank said. "I don't mean resistive V's, but

(To Those with No ESP, You Can LOOK on Pg. 5)

If You 'Know HOW to Know,' What of 'WHAT You Know'?


Scientology, the science of knowing how to know, oddly enough, is not much concerned with what is known. It is concerned with methods for improving the quality of knowing.

Each of us has a universe which is filled chock full of old facsimiles and which contains a big lump of trouble which is our experience of the real universe. Historians may take an interest in these old facsimiles; geographers, physicists, and astronomers may take an interest in that big lump; but Scientologists take an interest in something more pervading and more technical.

In the universe of each of us, much of the content is in a condition known as occlusion and unresponsibility. The individual has a mind full

(To learn what the mind is full of, see Page 4.)